Tess Amorim

Tess Amorim

  • Born: 1994-7-12
  • Height:
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    • Keith 2022-07-15 17:33:49

      crush on this little thing

      After five minutes of opening and natural foreshadowing, Leo's heart began to sprout, and he asked his good friend Joanna about Gabriel's appearance. A major feature of the content of this short film is that Leo is a blind boy, so his secret love is more traceable. Like other children who have...

    • Summer 2022-10-08 12:09:35

      goodbye heterosexuality

      I came here because of my name, and I was spoiled by the spoiler. Is it very attractive? Wow, cute blind brother, bright-eyed sister with soft hair, new curly hair, cute and cute. Sao Paulo is so small and fresh, compelling I licked down the road goodbye to this desperate world, goodbye to...