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    • Hazle 2022-07-17 19:59:35

      Australian style

      Weird Australian style.
      The first half is good, the
      photography is excellent, and the depth of field processing has a god-like feel to it.
      The soundtrack is great, but the
      ending is weak. The director is still not confident enough.
      The section of Leopard has the charm of the last long shot of "Face...

    • Xzavier 2022-07-17 11:48:09

      Film Festival Viewing 11

      The title of the film is literally translated as "Red Mountain", a story about revenge, a story about a good person being wronged. At the beginning of the story, the male protagonist was transferred from the city to a small town called Hongshan because of his wife. It was a very warm tone. But...

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