Red Hill movie plot

2022-07-17 22:50
"Red Hill" tells the story of a young Commonwealth of Australia who moves to live in the western United States. Ryan Kwanten plays a young policeman who moves to a remote town for his pregnant wife Alice and works with the local police department. , This small town has a group of aborigines who escaped. They have a great holiday with the police here, so this desolate place has been isolated from the world, and now, the dusty passwords hidden in the darkness are slowly being revealed.
What was supposed to represent a fresh start turns out to be a real end. A young police officer Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten) resets himself in a rural town near "Red Hill" Down, along with his pregnant wife Alice (Claire van der Boehm), they will build a brand new family here. But rumors of a jailbreak send local law enforcement officials into a panic, led by the dominant old Bill Gates (Steve Beasley) - Shane in town. The first day on duty quickly turned into a complete nightmare.
Joining the mayhem is Jimmy Conway (Tommy Lewis), a convicted murderer who was supposed to be serving time in prison, but returns by extraordinary means to this unusually isolated place. In the small town, vowed to seek revenge. Now, unfortunately involved in such an unexpected disaster, it is likely to develop into a terrible and bloody conflict and confrontation, if Shane wants to get out of it , the only thing he can do is to take the law into his own hands.
Although only one day and one night have passed, the originally peaceful town quickly ushered in a bloody storm, intertwined with terrifying big explosions and thrilling action scenes, in a very Victorian country style. In the highland environment, the love-hate relationship revolving around revenge and redemption is deduced.
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Red Hill quotes

  • Old Bill: We all know what we're dealing with here. Jimmy Conway rides into this town, he'll be bringing hell with him. Shoot to kill.

  • Shane Cooper: I don't wanna cause any unnecessary stress, but I just came from Gleason's property and he seems to think there's a panther roaming the area.

    Old Bill: Jesus, Cooper. This is Australia, mate, not fucking Africa.

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