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2022-07-17 18:34
Albertois the head of the post office in a small town in northern Italy. His family is not harmonious, and his wife Silviaalways puts a lot of pressure on him. Alberto was willing to pay anything for the job that was transferred to the big city of Milan, even pretending to be disabled. But his plan failed, and as punishment, he was transferred to a small town in the southern region of Campania.
Filled with grievances and prejudice, Alberto set foot in what he believed to be a southern land full of gangsters, trash, and idle slobs. But surprisingly, Alberto found that the place wasn't as bad as he had imagined: it was a charming southern town, where every colleague was warm and caring, the people were hospitable, and he got acquainted with a A very good friend, the postman Mattia, Alberto helps him win the heart of the beautiful girl MariaLodovini) .
Now Alberto faced another question: how did he speak to Silvia? Where should his life be heading? 
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