Gantz negative comment

2022-07-17 14:24
From beginning to end, Gantzpart 2 strongly exudes a rigid and lifeless quality, both in story integrity and inconsistency. Even the hilarious new experience and enthusiasm brought to the audience by "Dinosaur Special Kesai" in the deepest memory is gone. In addition, the setting is rough and simple, the costumes and props are cut corners, and especially the background music shows the excellence and atmosphere of the Japanese in these areas, which further aggravates the chronic illness of the director's muscle weakness in the adaptation from comics to live-action films. In terms of actors, I don't know if it's the director's laissez-faire or the youthful invincibility of the young people. The idol style of the two male leads is unmistakable, and they are all signs of performance. Even the grief screaming when losing a comrade in arms is lyrical and contrived like a Qiong Yao drama. It's a pity that there are handsome young men and beautiful little girls among them. It is better to talk about love in a less tossed romantic film, which is more real and enjoyable   .
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