Gantz CG production

2022-07-17 12:52
In "Gantzpart2", the father and son of Onion Stars, Tanaka Stars, Niwang Statue, Thousand-handed Guanyin, Buddha and other alien shapes in the Buddha Stars are all completed with special makeup and CG. The actors who played the father and son of the Cong Xingren spent 3 hours doing special makeup, and then used CG processing to show the Cong Xingren in the original work. Tanaka Hoshito, who is easily regarded as a robot, actually has actors who actually drill into the robot shell to act, and then use CG for action packaging.
The protagonist in the story, once put on the GANTZ tights, will perform actions that ordinary people cannot complete. This tights has a total of 5 versions from the trial version to the final version, and the final use is a special material with laser luster and good elasticity. The cost of making a piece of GANTZ tights is 500,000 yen, and a total of 50 sets of stock have been prepared considering the damage of the clothing. At the same time, in order to express the picture of the weapon activation in the original work, all the small parts of the gun are made into a sparkling effect. The X-GUN is divided into two versions: locked and designed. The long-tube X-SHORT GUN is divided into three versions: full version with a sense of weight, light-weight action play, and light-on light. Depending on the shot, different versions of the weapon are used for shooting   .
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