Gantz positive review

2022-07-17 21:15
The producers of "Gantzpart 2" can be said to have spared no expense. It is a rare big-budget movie in the Japanese film industry. In addition, many actors such as Nino, Takayuki Yamada and Nato Hongo are fans of the original comics themselves, and they are very devoted to the performance. Although the production cost and time-consuming are rare in Japanese movies, the quality of CG is still difficult to satisfy all audiences. After all, Japanese movies have some gaps in CG technology compared to Hollywood movies, and the music part of the movie also has some differences. Inadequate, although there are some small shortcomings, but overall this film is a good work, especially the plot setting is very good   .
"Gantzpart2" is adapted from the first three stories in the original work. Although the original stories have been reduced, due to its dazzling battle scenes and fast and orderly editing, the film is still very watchable   .
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