Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen

  • Director: Mori Masaki
  • Countries of origin: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: June 13, 1992
  • Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33 : 1
  • Also known as: Barfuß durch Hiroshima
  • Barefoot Gen, an autobiographical comic about the atomic bomb. The representative work of Japanese cartoonist Keiji Nakazawa. It depicts the desolate scene after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and at the same time shows the atrocities of Japanese soldiers in Asia. It strongly condemned the war of aggression launched by Japan. (Author, famous Japanese cartoonist: Keiji Nakazawa died of lung cancer on December 19, 2012 in a hospital in Hiroshima City at the age of 73) Released in Japan on July 21, 1983  


    • Release date June 13, 1992
    • Production companies Madhouse, Gen Productions

    Movie reviews

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    • By Earl 2022-10-24 14:27:29

      author eats people

      Cough cough! Before introducing this work, I would like to briefly describe the concept of authorship. The so-called author theory, simply put, is a theory that pays more attention to the author than the work. In this theoretical framework, the work has no independent status, and all are subordinate to the author. The status of a work is entirely assigned by the author, and the quality of the work is largely determined by whether or not the author's style is preserved. The above is the basic...

    • By Tyson 2022-10-24 13:32:52

      Small thoughts

      A masterpiece of criticism of militaristic warfare! Especially did not expect that the death of the father, sister, brother, and sister turned out to be all the real experiences of the original author. The nuclear explosion gave people a suffocating feeling, death... pain... torture... parting. The whole film just wants to tell you to live. ——The dividing line—— There is a sentence in the original play, "The government does not care about the tragedy of Hiroshima" The military government...

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    • By Kennith 2023-02-21 18:31:11

      The special effects shots for this film are based on Rinzo Kinoshita's Pica-don...

    • By Ryder 2023-01-16 15:09:18

      Although it also shows the suffering of the Japanese people in the late World War II, "Barefoot Kid" is more anti-war than "Grave of Fireflies", whether it is the father's criticism of the Japanese government and the war it launched, or the mother after Japan surrendered. The resentment that should have surrendered long ago clearly expresses the author's views on militarism. But after taking off the anti-war shell, this is actually a Japanese scarred movie. A Yuan can not help but remind me of...

    • By Russell 2022-12-12 12:07:54

      Cry with laughter and live with many...

    • By Kellie 2022-12-10 05:50:51

      Why don't you think it's an anti-war animation? On the contrary, there is a kind - the Yamato nation is immortal, even the atomic bomb will not defeat us! terrifying...

    • By Emmanuel 2022-12-06 19:32:35

      Faced with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, even the animation can be so terrifying and shocking, a purgatory on earth without the slightest...

    Movie quotes

    • Kimie Nakaoka: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, they've come against all the biggest cities and bombed them into ruins. It's serious, Gen, I won't have you making light of it.

      Daikichi Nakaoka: There's one thing that bothers me. It's like you said, every major city around us has been bombed over and over again. But never Hiroshima.

    • Doctor: Slow down boys, slow down, I'll die of a heart attack before we get there.

      Gen Nakaoka: You should've thought of that before you got so fat.

      Shinji Nakaoka: Our mother's sick, and if you don't make her better, you'll be sorry.

    • Daikichi Nakaoka: This war can't be right. But it's only the cowards like me who dare say it. If there were only a few more like us. You know, sometimes it takes more courage not to fight than to fight, to not want to kill when all around you are calling out for blood. That's real courage in my book. If you boys remember nothing else I teach you, I hope you'll remember that.