Blind Chance

Blind Chance

  • Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski
  • Countries of origin: Poland
  • Language: Polish, Danish
  • Release date: January 10, 1987
  • Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.66 : 1
  • Also known as: Der Zufall - möglicherweise
  • Blind Chance is a feature film directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski and starring Boguslaw Linda and Zbigniew Zapasiewicz.
    The film tells the story of a young Polish student studying in a medical university who decides to face his life again after receiving the news of his father's death.


    • Release date January 10, 1987
    • Filming locations Poland
    • Production companies Zespol Filmowy "Tor"

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    • By Carmine 2022-12-23 06:27:29

      Song of Opportunity, Base 64 Old Version

      5Lq655Sf6L2o6L+577yM5bCx5Zyo5pCt54Gr6L2m6L+Z5Yeg56eS5a6M5YWo5pS55Y+Y44CC5Zyo 6L+Z5LmL5YmN77yMV2l0ZWvlrabljLvvvIzljbTpga3pgYfniLbkurLljrvkuJbvvIzkvJHlrabm gJ3ogIPopoHkuI3opoHnu6fnu63lrabkuaDjgILnrKzkuIDnp43vvIzlnKjngavovabkuIrpgYfl iLDkuobogIHlhZrlkZhXZXJuZXLvvIzorqnku5blhaXlhZrjgIHmiJDkuLrov6vlrrPlj43mipfo gIXnmoTmlL/lupzkuIDlkZjvvIzlsL3nrqHku5bkuZ/nn6XpgZPov5nkupvogIHlhZrlkZjkuZ/o oqvmiZPov4fvvIzkvYbmmK/ov5jmmK/mmKfnnYDoia/lv4PlubLkuIvljrvvvIznirnosavov4fl...

    • By Hannah 2022-12-19 04:13:49

      Art takes time to digest

         Polish literary films. I think the artistic consciousness is the same. When I see the bold pictures and the boring plot in this film, I think of Lou Ye and Jia Zhangke's films. Some of the story backgrounds are immersed in the blood of their own works. You may ask Poles to watch the Summer Palace on the platform and they may not understand. It is just a feeling that it should be a good movie, just like how I look at the Song of Opportunity today.
        Times are different, there is too...

    • By Hannah 2022-12-17 15:19:35

      Paris, never

      Kieślowski is my favorite director.

      A Song of Opportunity deals with the issues I've been thinking about. In Poland in the eighties, a young man had three possible positions to choose from: join them, oppose them, and be a clean and independent outsider. I think most professionals want to go the third way (although the assumption of "majority" is dubious) - "doing a doctor is about being responsible only to yourself", how good is that.

    • By Adrain 2022-12-17 11:37:45

      Some Trivial Opportunities Related to A Song of Opportunity

      It's very strange. It seems that I have opened this movie on my computer two or three times before, once because the subtitles were inappropriate, once because I suddenly had to do something else, and once I didn't know if I was in a mood or I was sleepy. , I haven't read it yet. This time, when I was rushing for tickets for the Beijing Film Festival, I knew that there was a Kiere themed show, and I wanted to grab the blue, white and red tickets. That's it. On the other hand, my roommate...

    • By Roxanne 2022-12-13 06:27:34

      a pure brain

      When watching "Song of Opportunity", "A Day at the Beach" actually appeared in my mind. I wonder if anyone has ever compared it this way?

      From the perspective of the times, the active period at the beginning of the opening and closing of new Taiwanese films and the intensifying stimulation of the Solidarity Union in Poland have given creators great motivation; , somewhat excitingly, after the wave of political modernism. As far as the author is concerned, "Song of...

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    • By Jasen 2023-09-07 18:57:19

      It took an hour to get into the play, but the male protagonist is really good...

    • By Cathrine 2023-07-02 17:42:44

      The movie is not only the source of the form of "fate spreads out from one point" such as Lola Run, but also talks about the Polish society at that time, no matter whether you catch that train or not, which political party you join, believe in God or not, or even intentionally. Unintentionally staying out of the way, the direction of life is in the hands of others. Keith likes to photograph strange little objects, but his emotions are extremely accurate! In the restored version, the male...

    • By Pamela 2023-05-11 20:43:04

      #Northern Film Festival Review# At the node of life, human beings can't control their own destiny after all, and the plane blew up at the last moment! 00:01:16, continued yelling. 00:01:59, the use of mirrors. A single scene is very short. 00:02:42, vertical scheduling, cameras are people. 00:05:30, this subjective and objective change is very cleverly close to the camera. At 00:08:09, coins have a beginning and an end. 00:18:58, lamp position setting. 00:55:39, globe. 01:00:06, it would be...

    • By Lloyd 2023-05-04 21:59:06

      The trivia of fate is estimated to be the originator of films such as Lola Run and Butterfly Effect. However, what I appreciate is not only this innovative expression, but also the large background and deep thinking that runs through it. Ideals are meaningless like playing the game of tossing bottles, and struggles are like spring toys that are actually involuntary. When you get old, you will only feel pain and sadness for the hope of the past, and if there is no hope of youth without the pain...

    • By Bernadette 2023-04-20 11:37:22

      [Song of Opportunity], the predecessor of works such as [Lola Run] and [Sliding Door], is far higher than the younger generation in realm, because its thinking on opportunity is placed in a strong realistic framework. Therefore, this is a heavyweight work in the process of Keith's transition from realism to fate. He expresses a strong pessimistic attitude towards ideology, but stubbornly shows the human Sisyphus-like pursuit of faith. He has a great love for...

    Movie plot

    A young medical student rushes to catch the same train every day, and once he arrives the train is slowly leaving the platform, so there are three different stories, like three different paths of destiny, each path is different. Take him into a different social environment. One way was when he caught the bus, met a Communist, and was encouraged to join the ruling party; another way took him into the exact opposite way, where he ran...
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    Evaluation action

    In this early masterpiece, the director conveys a lament about the impermanence of life. The director uses this modern approach to demonstrate the contingency and uncertainty of life, thus bringing out the director's usual pessimistic fatalism. The detailing is excellent, as impressive as the technique employed in the film. 
    Kieslowski's films are full of metaphysical philosophies, a depth that begins with Blind Chance. Before that,...
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    Movie quotes

    • 1. Werner: Every generation craves for light. It needs reassurance and faith... in a better, more just path.

    • 1. Werner: Early in life it is a joy. because the light seems so near, so reachable. Finally, it brings bitterness. We can see how it has receded. I have been through much these forty years. I see that the light has receded. But I should not discourage you. You can be sure of one thing. Without that bitterness, that hope... life would be lamentable.