Blind Chance movie plot

2022-07-06 17:29
A young medical student rushes to catch the same train every day, and once he arrives the train is slowly leaving the platform, so there are three different stories, like three different paths of destiny, each path is different. Take him into a different social environment. One way was when he caught the bus, met a Communist, and was encouraged to join the ruling party; another way took him into the exact opposite way, where he ran into a guard while chasing a car, was detained, sentenced, and followed. A political prisoner was locked up together, and turned out to be a "molecule" himself; the third way is that he failed to catch the train, and happened to meet a female classmate from the past, and later got married, became a doctor, and went abroad on business. Air crash. 
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Blind Chance quotes

  • 1. Werner: Every generation craves for light. It needs reassurance and faith... in a better, more just path.

  • 1. Werner: Early in life it is a joy. because the light seems so near, so reachable. Finally, it brings bitterness. We can see how it has receded. I have been through much these forty years. I see that the light has receded. But I should not discourage you. You can be sure of one thing. Without that bitterness, that hope... life would be lamentable.

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