The Man from Snowy River movie plot

2022-10-24 13:54
In Australia at the end of the 19th century, in a mountainous area far from town, young Jim and his father lived by raising horses. Like other boys, Jim loved horses from a young age and fantasized about being a hero on a steed. At that time, a group of purebred wild horses often haunted the woods near Jim's house. Many horse lovers tried to bring them back to domestication, but all failed. One day, the wild horses attacked the forest of Jim's house. Jim persuaded his father to intercept the wild horses, but unfortunately he was trampled to death by the horses. His father's old friend Spa gave lost Jim a good horse to find a job in the plains below the mountain. Soon, Jim found a job at the rancher Harrison's house. Others looked down on him because he was a mountain native, but Harrison's daughter, Jessica, liked the capable and kind Jim very much.
One day, Harrison went out, leaving only Jim to accompany Jessica. Jessica encourages Jim to join her in taming his father's most prized, thousand-pound foal, just as the wild horses arrive and Jim is injured. When Harrison gets home, he throws a tantrum when he finds someone moving the foal and kicks Jim out of the farm, and Jessica runs away from home. Jim finds Jessica in the mountains, and he takes Jessica home to Tosberg.
Jessica accidentally found a picture of her mother Matilda at Sper's house. It turned out that Sper was Harrison's brother. 20 years ago, they both fell in love with the most beautiful girl in town, Matilda, and had no choice. Matilda decided to marry whoever made the big money first, but she never imagined that this decision would cause such great harm in the future. Harrison chose to gamble with a risk of losing his life, while Spoel chose to dig gold in the dark, and eventually Matilda married Harrison. Today, 20 years later, Harrison has become a mercenary businessman, while Sibo still hasn't given up digging for gold. The brothers even became enemies after the tragic death of Matilda.
At this time, Harrison was offering a huge reward and mobilizing all the good riders in the town to search for the foal. Out of hostility to Spo, he refused Jim to go with him. However, when the wild horses chased by the crowd ran to a steep cliff At that time, even the most experienced riders had to rein in their horses and watch the horses flee into the forest. Only Jim flew his horse forward and rushed down the cliff alone. Harrison and his party could only stand there watching him go away in horror. In the end, Jim not only recovered the foal, but also drove back the herd of wild horses. So this man from Xuehe became a real hero in people's minds. 
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The Man from Snowy River quotes

  • Moss: [rising in bed with his shotgun as Curly advances on Jim with a broken bottle] Curly - lose the bottle!

    Moss: [cocks the shotgun as Curly stops and stares] I did it before... and so help me, I'll do it again.

    [Curly drops the bottle]

  • Jim Craig: I'm not hiding beneath the skirts of a bunch of women.

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