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2022-07-06 18:24
Based on the tragic life of Frances Elena Farmer, this biopic tells a nightmarish tragedy that brings the protagonist's ordeal to life with plenty of space. Frances, played by Jessica Lange, makes up for the lack of layers and rhythm in the film's structure and style with a resolute and emotional performance. Jessica Lange dissolves herself and fully enters the role, portraying Frances's visceral dissatisfaction and indignation incisively and vividly, showing a living protagonist, which has won praise from critics. 
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Frances quotes

  • Mr. Bebe: Come along with me, Fanny.

    Frances Farmer: Frances. You know, I'm not the cookbook.

    Mr. Bebe: You see, you've got to change that name.

  • Arresting Sergeant: Your name?

    Frances Farmer: You jerks drag me down here in the middle of the night and you don't know who the hell I am?

    Arresting Sergeant: Your name lady?

    Frances Farmer: Frances Elena Farmer. Want me to spell it?

    Arresting Sergeant: And your address?

    Frances Farmer: Put me down as a vag, vagrant, vagabond. What is this, a joke? It's a joke? Assault and battery? Huh? I barely touched that bitch.

    Arresting Sergeant: Occupation?

    Frances Farmer: Cocksucker.

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