Frances movie plot

2022-07-06 14:13
As a potential actress, the outspoken Frances has a stubborn personality. Because she is unwilling to act as a machine to make money for the Hollywood boss, she is not willing to be controlled by the boss, so she is put into the cold palace, even a small role. Can't even act. After a series of misfortunes, life's hardships changed her character and she became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Later, she had a fierce conflict with her ambitious mother, and was forcibly sent to an insane asylum on the grounds of schizophrenia in a conflict with the police, where she endured all kinds of torture in that inhuman place, and endured 8 years of hell. torment. She resisted, shouted, and eventually had her pituitary gland removed. In 1970, Frances died of cancer.
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Frances quotes

  • Harry York: Frances, you're crazy.

    Frances Farmer: [softly] Don't tell anybody.

  • Lillian Farmer: When you get well, you're going to thank me.

    Frances Farmer: No, you are not talking now! You listen. Now you can send me away and pretend I'm crazy and you can pretend I'm still your little girl who can't take care of herself. But Lillian, there is one thing that you cannot pretend any more and that is that I love you. Because I don't. I can't. Not after what you've done to me. Because I am still me. I've been trying real hard all this time to be me. And you, little sister - you haven't been any help at all.

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