The Mirror Crack'd movie plot

2022-07-05 17:15
Famous movie star Marilla Greig bought the finest villa in St Mary Mead and held a grand summer reception to entertain guests and neighbours. This news broke the water-like silence of St. Mary Mead like a stone, and everyone rushed to see the style of the big star. The luxurious manor, the warm and charming stars, the sumptuous banquet, when people were enjoying themselves, a lady standing beside Marilla suddenly foamed at the mouth and died!
Police rushed to the scene immediately to investigate. It was found that the deceased lady was a loyal movie fan of Marilla during her lifetime, and was enthusiastic about public welfare affairs. Except for her nosy, she could not find any enemies who might hate her to death for a while. During the investigation, the police found that a charming female neighbor was much more concerned about the deceased's husband. Is it love murder? Continue the investigation and find that the last cocktail of the deceased was actually made for Marilla. Could it be that the murder was wrong, and that Marilla was the real target of the murderer? Marilla, who first witnessed the murder, now learns that her life is in danger and that her husband is a new suspect for the police. She couldn't take such a blow, and her nerves collapsed. A maid in the manor is missing. Anonymous phone calls were made from time to time; extortion notes were sent. That night, there was a sudden gunshot in the manor, and another murder. There were rumors in the village for a while, and the police felt helpless. Only Miss Marple herself knew the ins and outs of everything. But at this time, Miss Marple was so old that she didn't even have the ability to leave the house. Does she know what she is talking about? Even if she really guessed clues that no one could see, how could she prevent the next or even several murders in her situation? 
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The Mirror Crack'd quotes

  • Lola Brewster: You seem lovely, as always. Of course, there are fewer lights on than usual. In fact, any fewer, and I'd need a seeing-eye dog.

    Marina Rudd: Oh, I shouldn't bother to buy one, dear. In that wig, you could play Lassie.

    Lola Brewster: Same adorable sense of humor. And I'm so glad to see that you've not only kept your GORGEOUS figure, but you've added SO MUCH to it!

    Marina Rudd: What are you doing here so early, dear? I thought the plastic surgery seminar was in Switzerland.

    Lola Brewster: Actually, darling, I couldn't wait to begin our little movie. You know the saying: once an actress, always an actress.

    Marina Rudd: Oh, I do know the saying. But what does it have to do with you?

    Lola Brewster: Cute angel. So do tell. How does it feel to be back, after being away SO LONG?

  • Lola Brewster: Chin up, darling... both of them.

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