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2022-03-22 08:01
"Interview" is the first completed work in a project called "Three Theos", where "Three Theos" does not mean "to make
Three great films", but to realize the visual imagination of an internationally renowned filmmaker, Theo van Gogh - Vincent van Gogh van Gogh's brother Theo's great-grandson, who was murdered on November 2, 2004 for political and religious intolerance, had decided before his death to select three of his own Dutch films for remakes in English , New York was chosen for the background. Theo van Gogh's shooting style is very unique. He uses highly innovative, low-cost production techniques through passionate, concise character dialogues, coupled with a group of willing The behind-the-scenes staff dedicated to art can always leave a strong visual impact on people.
The murder of Theo van Gogh was a huge shock to his lifelong partner and friend, producer Gijs van de Westelaken, who sought American producer Bruce Weiss, who shared similar feelings about Theo van Gogh's death, has brought together three New York filmmakers to propose transforming Theo van Gogh's good wishes into become a reality. As a result, Steve Buscemi, who can direct and act, became the first "New Yorker" to be recommended to the project, followed by two excellent directors and actors Stanley Tucci and John Turturro--the three of them shouldered the "three Theos" together, and it became the guarantee that they could reproduce the rich characters and vivid language created by Theo van Gogh, just like pregnant women. As Stryken said: "The three films selected have a very important and popular theme, and that is the focus on the war between men and women. It's very touching to have Law on board to help realize Theo van Gogh's dream, because his death makes us feel like it would be an intolerable shame to end his characteristic cinematic language."
In addition to the original "Interview" in 2003, the other two selected works were "06" in 1994 and "Blind Date" in 1996. For producer Bruce Wise, These films, which enhance the drama through the relationship between men and women, can be summed up as "Theo van Gogh's little taste": "I think in Theo van Gogh's films, any pair of It doesn't matter whether the language used here is English, Dutch or French, at least the subject matter is very general."
Behind Theo van Gogh was a very creative production team, including photographer Thomas Kist, who helped Theo van Gogh develop and refine the fast-paced, fast-paced , Convincing film skills--use three Digital Video cameras to shoot in all directions at the same time: in this kind of film with only two protagonists, two of them shoot the male and female protagonists in close-up, as for the rest The next one is used to capture some neutral or important panoramic shots. Thankfully, Kist and the rest of the crew are all in the remake directed by Steve Buscemi, and Buscemi also Said that he has borrowed some of the shooting methods used by Theo van Gogh in many places, and then injected his own personal style on this basis.
Next in the "Three Theos" project to hit the big screen is "Dating with Strangers," directed by Stanley Tucci, who will star opposite Patricia Clarkson in the film ; As for the remaining John Turturro-directed adaptation of '06', which will start filming this summer. just like Interview, a team led by Thomas Keister will also be working on the other two Videos provide the same help. The implementation of "Three Raos" will make everyone realize what a tragic loss it would be for the film industry to lose talents like Theo van Gogh, and his personalized artistic style, It will also be reproduced in the three New York filmmakers.
For director Steve Buscemi, the film was highly unusual from the start, as he was moved by the actions of the two producers who banded together in an effort to fulfill Theo van Gogh's last wish, and decided to Participating in the "Three Theos" project: "Of course, this film itself is also a work of interest to me as a director. I hope that the remake can maintain the soul of the original film, but also reflect our own imagination and style.”
Since Steve Buscemi was the first director who was confirmed to participate in "Three Theos", he had a lot of room for choice, so he set his sights on "Interview" that resonated most with him: "This film There are too many elements that attract me: bold and clear characters, intense pressure and strong emotional conflict, and there are many surprises and humor. But what I like most about this film is that the location here also acts as a A character, like Katya's attic, is the clearest example of that."
In fact, Steve Buscemi had never read Theo van Gogh before his murder: "I know his name because of the surname his family gave him. When Theo van Gogh After being killed, I felt unprecedented sadness and horror, it was a kind of sympathy for each other. But now, I am more familiar with his films and the film techniques I used to use than anyone else, and I have become the fastest His ardent fan, Theo van Gogh, likes to create strong contrasts with the interplay between man and woman, tight and unadorned plot lines, great language, and everything fits my style perfectly. Mind. Also, I like the way Theo van Gogh treats the actors, he always brings out the other side of them that is different, I would say that "Interview" is tailor-made for some special actors Yes, the Katja mentioned in the original book is the real-life Katja Schuurman (Katja Schuurman), who is the most commercially valuable movie star in the Netherlands, and "Interview" gives a lot of An opportunity for her to re-examine herself with a sarcastic lens, and at the same time her acting talent."
So, what are the differences between the new version of the film and the original? Steve Buscemi said: "I really liked the rhythm and rhythm of the dialogue in the original film, and the way the two main characters spoke when they were arguing.but we also found that this didn't quite apply in the English-language film, when the story's When the setting became New York, we had to create a rhythm and rhythm that matched it. Because the original book not only used the Dutch dialogue, but also the Dutch cultural history behind it, so the form of expression was would be more forthright, plus Theo van Gogh has a touch of surrealism - his "Interview" reminds me of one of the surrealist film master Luis Bunuel. A film about a man and a woman locked in a room who can't be separated for some unexplainable mysterious reason. But I'm a pure realist myself, so I need to develop some new reasons, ok Explain why the hero and heroine in the film spend so much time together."
Theo van Gogh's cinematographer Thomas Kist and his crew were an integral part of making the new version, says Steve Buscemi: "Working with them has been an incredible experience. Experience, because we are using Theo van Gogh's habit of shooting three portable Liquid Crystal Displays at the same time. Theo van Gogh usually starts his films with a set of close-ups and then goes straight to the subject, which It will be a reference for us to make the film more or less, because it effectively maintains the tension that is created in the character.” In addition, Theo van Gogh has a coup to avoid the film to the stage play. Getting closer - which is a very easy situation in a film with only two characters, Buscemi continued: "Sienna Rose Miller and I used the attic set in a very free state, But to be clear, there was no improvisation in the performance between us, because we rehearsed many times before the film started, and some of the shots were even staged. I rehearsed with Miller It took two full weeks, but all the filming took only nine nights."
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  • Josefina 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Good script and demonstrate that Sienna could actually Act!!

Interview quotes

  • Katya: Do you like fishnet stockings, Pierre? Wait. Let me rephrase. Why do you think it is that men like fishnet stockings so much?

    Pierre Peders: They look good on women.

    Katya: Fishnet stockings are a net, and the woman is imprisoned in this net like a fish. Do you get it?

    Pierre Peders: Yeah, and what about high heels?

    Katya: Well, high heels make walking very, very difficult. So you see, nothing would be more attractive to a man than a woman wearing fishnet stockings and high heels because she has trouble walking and she's imprisoned within this net and therefore he thinks she's easy prey. I know everything.

  • Katya: [answering his question] What makes a man attractive? A scar.

    Pierre Peders: Why?

    Katya: Because... most women have one too.

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