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2022-10-19 23:12
The life of James Brown (Chadwick Boseman), the godfather of soul music , is full of legends. Especially in the changeable last century, after birth and growth in the 1930s, his loving mother cultivated and guided him with heart. Although James Brown has experienced the misfortunes of most black people and the excesses caused by his youthful and unruly personality, in the end, it is his talent and the toughness of his family that he has endured in himself. He has struggled successfully in his favorite music career, and achieved brilliant achievements that can be described as affecting generations. But the loss after success, as well as all kinds of extravagance and bad habits of the so-called upper class, also made his life have a disgraceful side. 
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Get on Up quotes

  • James Brown: What's wrong, Maceo?

    Maceo Parker: We can't play that like you told us. It doesn't work musically.

    James Brown: Does it sound good?

    Maceo Parker: Yeah

    James Brown: Does it feel good?

    Maceo Parker: Yeah

    James Brown: If it sound good and it feel good, then it's musical.

  • James Brown: Mr. President, I want to go to Vietnam. We've got to bring the super heavy funk to the cats over there... Are they shooting at us? They trying to kill James Brown today. You want to go down in history as the man who killed the funk?

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