Woman at War movie plot

2022-07-23 22:37
The road to becoming a mother for social activists! No one can stop the attacking mother! Fifty-year-old Hanra is a patient, kind-hearted choir teacher, but in addition to being a teacher, she is also a radical social activist. A phone call brought the long-awaited good news. She is about to become a mother. Facing the industrial development in Iceland and the arrival of her child, she is about to become a mother. How to face these difficulties in life and Accident?
From Iceland, Benedict Ellingson, who participated in Lars Von Trier's "Boss My Biggest", acted and directed, and "Attack Mama" is his third feature film. Her first film, Hermes, was selected for the Golden Horse Fantasy Film Festival that year, and was deeply loved by Taiwanese fans. 
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Woman at War quotes

  • Halla: Economic sabotage.

    Ása: It's extremism, which breeds extremism. He who Jives by the sword, dies by the sword.

    Halla: But no one has been hurt, except our country and our planet.

    Ása: It's not the right way to solve this problem.

    Halla: Meditating in some convent, will that change something?

    Ása: It will change me and thus the world I hope.

    Halla: Isn't that egoism, to think it will change the world?

    Ása: The drop hollows the stone.

    Halla: The stone? The mountains are falling on us, we don't have time to wait for drops.

    Ása: Now you're going to save a child and the entire world with it. Isn't that a small drop or is it just vanity?

    Halla: At least I'm doing something for someone else.

  • Ása: You don't need anyone else. You know that you can do it. You're the mom and nothing will stop you.

    [stands up from the bench and faces Halla]

    Ása: What did mom always say?

    Halla: Yeah.

    Ása: Yes, say it.

    Halla: Moms can do anything.

    Ása: [laughs] No, the other thing.

    Halla: Find solutions.

    Ása: Exactly.

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