Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy evaluation action

2022-07-23 13:42
Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Hong Quan, Shaolin boxing, fighting, etc. in the film all appeared, which made the audience who likes kung fu movies quite enjoyable. The starring Max Zhang made the Wing Chun kung fu "stand, shoulder, and squat" superb. However, there are a lot of kung fu-themed films, and the back and forth fighting scenes have also encountered bottlenecks in design, and many viewers have already experienced aesthetic fatigue   .
The fighting scenes of "Master Z: Ip Man Legacy" are as hard-hitting as always, clean and neat, but some of the plots in the middle are too cliché, which makes people a little sleepy. Aside from those hypnotic clips, the film is still smooth, and it is not as dramatic as Ip Man's previous films.
Although the plot of the film is still based on the setting of the kung fu master who retired from Jianghu and returned to his family and was forced to return to Jianghu for some reason, the action scenes in the film are quite enjoyable, and people can feel the kind of oncoming each other. The pain also slightly offset the lack of emotional part of the plot. And the performance of the starring Max Zhang is also remarkable, but the group performance in the film is too exaggerated, making people play.
Some viewers think that the rhythm of the film changes a little too fast, and the film starts to fight as soon as it comes up, and various fights start, and then there is always a feeling of a formula. In addition, the design of the film's plot is indeed flawed, the plot is not polished enough, and many places are too hasty   .
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