Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

  • Director: Woo-Ping Yuen
  • Writer: Edmond Wong,Tai-lee Chan
  • Countries of origin: Hong Kong, China
  • Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
  • Release date: December 20, 2018
  • Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Atmos
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
  • "Master Z: Ip Man Legacy" is an action movie directed by Woo Ping Yuen , starring Max Zhang , Dave Bautista , Ada , with special appearances by Yeoh Choo Kheng and Tony Jaa . It was released in Mainland China on December 21, 2018   .
    The film tells the legendary story of how Zhang Tianzhi, the descendant of Wing Chun, got out of his inner haze after defeating Ip Man, fought against foreign drug dealers with traditional kung fu, and revived the spirit of Wing Chun   .


    • Release date December 20, 2018
    • Production companies Golden Harvest Company, Mandarin Motion Pictures

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Emile 2022-12-25 08:01:02

      I just want to record the aftermath, but Douban limited the number of broadcast words and brought me here.

      The core of this Huo Yuanjia-style story has become too outdated, because the social mentality of the entire Chinese community and Hong Kong people has changed a lot. With the super development of the mainland's economic and political status, the signboard of the Chinese sick man of East Asia has long been smashed, and replaced by the exploration and construction of the mentality of the real big country and the people. The weakening of the economic power of Hong Kong Island has made the...

    • By Coby 2022-11-28 00:45:07

      "Ip Man's Biography: Zhang Tianzhi" martial arts is the right way

      "Ip Man's Biography: Zhang Tianzhi"

      After "Ip Man 3" returned to the original heart of martial arts,

      This time, let Zhang Tianzhi, who was born in the market, defend his home by force.

      Make it "the right way of martial arts".

      The film that Yuan Heping, the number one martial artist in the world, has been directing these years,

      Basically, it's weak in the plot.

      This time is no exception.

      It all depends on the actors' real skills to prop up the...

    • By Kristy 2022-11-25 22:53:55

      Gv-level literary drama: Yuan Heping, please stop making movies + detailed script revision comments

      Foreword: Some people ask me "you can do it" below many of my game movie reviews.

      My unified reply to this is "Unfortunately, the screenwriters of these films (games) did not invite me, otherwise their scripts would at least look like they were written by humans. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me on Douyou, as long as you write Get the money."

      By Alfreda 2022-11-19 19:04:40

      Zhang Tianzhi's Character Transformation

      This film is a process of growing up, understanding and letting go of Zhang Tianzhi, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that another character's image was plump up.

      In "Ip Man 3", Zhang Tianzhi was dissatisfied with Ye Wen, and there was also an element of jealousy. Why was his life state so different from the one he graduated from? So he played black boxing as a killer. In the end, he played a high-profile public kick and challenged Ye Wen. He was also very eager to prove...

    • By Hank 2022-10-29 22:35:42

      Are you sure I'm not watching a burning manga?

      This time Zhang Tianzhi's story is very simple,

      As simple as, em...

      The girl I went with fell asleep.

      But, it doesn't affect me wanting to praise it at all!

      The purpose of this movie is not to make you think about what martial arts is, or even to promote and inherit martial arts. He was just telling a fairy tale about kung fu. There is conspiracy in this story, there is justice, there...

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    • By Margaretta 2023-09-23 11:05:22

      The play is cool, and the plot is awkward. Zhang Jin is not easy. He is the benchmark of a good man in and out of the show. It is really not easy to come step by step without relying on...

    • By Wade 2023-09-17 23:18:51

      5.0/10 points. The plot is mediocre, the music and lines are terrible, and the acting skills of the male and female protagonists are embarrassing. . . Liu Yan twisted around with his chest out. . . The only thing to watch is the fighting scene. The creativity is okay, but the details are not good, the realism is not enough, and it looks a bit fake. . . Michelle Yeoh is still pretty good. ....

    • By Greyson 2023-08-31 03:54:18

      "Wing Chun Zhang Tianzhi" When Zhang Tianzhi said it, he had a special feeling when he said the Wing Chun authentic dispute with Ip Man. Zhang Tianzhi chose not to use the Wing Chun technique to use the wooden pile as a drying rack. But where is the heroes such as this troubled world, "I'm not here to be a hero, I am here to beat you" and romance is the strong background of this movie. The righteous Michelle Yeoh in people's hearts is too daring to watch the sparring with Zhang Jin! It's a...

    • By Dolores 2023-08-09 12:04:27

      There are a lot of bugs in the details, the makeup is also strange, and the story is as old-fashioned and boring as...

    • By Suzanne 2023-08-04 18:37:36

      Whether Zhang Jin can rise to the top line depends on this one. If this one does not sell well after "Beasts", he will not have the chance to challenge a production of a similar scale, and even if there is a third and fourth film under the downgrade The male protagonist is also difficult to come out, unless there is a great story, or the action is really pleasing to the eye. PS It's a pity, the boring old-fashioned story, fighting for the sake of fighting, and there are few bright spots in the...

    Movie plot

    After narrowly defeating Ip Man in the martial arts competition, Zhang Tianzhi, who decided to give up Wing Chun, quit the bloody wind, sword and sword shadow of the martial arts arena, and just wanted to live an ordinary life with his son in a low-key manner. In addition to the inheritor of Wing Chun, he also has an identity as a father, a man who takes care of his family while taking care of his career. In addition to family, love,...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    The film is the first time Max Zhang and Yeoh Choo Kheng have collaborated on the screen again after 18 years after " Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ". Max Zhang has a lot of action scenes with Yeoh Choo Kheng as Zhang Ziyi's action double in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
    In the film, the killer played by Tony Jaa wants to see Zhang Tianzhi's Wing Chun. The first move in this action scene is that Tony Jaa punches Max Zhang's face...
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    Martial arts settings

    Director Woo Ping Yuen has been preparing for the high-altitude action scene of less than two minutes in the film for nearly two months, because the signboard is twenty or thirty dollars, and the distance between the signboards should be set so that people can jump over, but not too much. Far. When filming this scene, the actors were all filmed by Weiya, because the director asked that the movements should not be too "floating" and...
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    Evaluation action

    Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Hong Quan, Shaolin boxing, fighting, etc. in the film all appeared, which made the audience who likes kung fu movies quite enjoyable. The starring Max Zhang made the Wing Chun kung fu "stand, shoulder, and squat" superb. However, there are a lot of kung fu-themed films, and the back and forth fighting scenes have also encountered bottlenecks in design, and many viewers have already experienced aesthetic fatigue...G
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