Woman at War

Woman at War

  • Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
  • Writer: Benedikt Erlingsson,Ólafur Egilsson
  • Countries of origin: Iceland, France, Ukraine
  • Language: Icelandic, English, Ukrainian, Chinese, Spanish
  • Release date: May 22, 2018
  • Runtime: 1 hour 41 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Mujer en guerra
  • Kona fer í stríð is an adventure film directed by Benedikt Erlingsson and starring Hadora Gilharodoti and Jóhann Sigurðarson.
    The film tells the story of fifty-year-old Hanra, a radical social activist, and how he faced the difficulties and surprises in his life.


    • Release date May 22, 2018
    • Filming locations Ukraine
    • Production companies Slot Machine, Gulldrengurinn, Solar Media Entertainment

    Box office


    €2,500,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Sandy 2022-12-27 12:01:32

      fight for the environment

      It is rare to see Icelandic movies, and this one alone amazes me, and I have learned what it means to be unique. The technique is fresh, the bridge is humorous, and the story of such a radical behavior is told in a grotesque way. The director is a woman in war.

      No matter what the starting point is, Hanra is short-circuiting power lines and destroying transmission towers. Her series of actions are crimes. But it seems that the director doesn't think so at all, and...

    • By Ernestina 2022-12-14 14:36:55


      Iceland is the most expensive country in the world. When people boil cold water at home, it is natural mineral water, and when they boil hot water, they are hot spring water. There is a reason for less pollution! This requires the participation of the whole people and the whole government! As a country living in a country that does not know what environmental protection is, garbage classification has not been popularized for many years, and plastic products are flooded. I really can't...

    • By Francis 2022-11-07 05:26:21

      Not just the aunt of the attack, but the expression of the attack

      This movie was fun to watch.

      Berlin's open-air square, when I arrived, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to see.

      Germany put the movie, the previous trailers and commercials will almost exhaust patience, waiting for the main film to start.

      A woman came out to cut a pylon, and a three-person orchestra was playing along the way.

      what is this?

      No subtitles, can't...

    • By Calista 2022-10-06 17:57:20

      Modern portrait of an independent woman in Iceland

      Whether it is the movie poster or the theme, they all echo the Don Quixote written by the Spanish writer Cervantes, but this is no longer an idealist who fights against nothingness, but an Icelandic woman with a clear goal and focus on protecting the environment. It seems to be just a light-hearted skit-style Nordic comedy, but it carries deep real-world topics, from discrimination and xenophobia to extreme environmentalism, to pervasive technology monitoring technology, and...

    • By Vella 2022-09-30 11:50:08

      The Mother of the Mountains of Attack - "I walk in the dark and serve the light"

      Foggy blue sky, verdant grass. Woman, a woman holds a bow and arrow, aiming at the sky. This is Woman At The opening of War is confusing, but somehow I watched it late at night, but I calmed down and wanted to watch it. The reason why I use its English name to call this movie, rather than the Taiwanese translation of "The Aunt of the Attack" or "Women in War" here in the mainland, I think the English sounds more neutral in terms of understanding, and the Chinese is broad and profound....

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    • By Giuseppe 2023-09-28 01:15:59

      It's still a commonplace topic, too democratic and too dictatorial, both...

    • By Dillon 2023-09-18 23:16:00

      Three and a half. European eccentric filmmakers have changed their ways to shoot all kinds of daily life issues of bitterness, great hatred, and deep hatred. It's interesting to use the twin sister-like setting and the background band that comes on...

    • By Damien 2023-09-16 04:13:23

      A woman who enjoys modern civilization everywhere wants to destroy modern...

    • By Lilla 2023-08-26 14:49:14

      I didn't expect that one of the most enjoyable films I saw this year would be dedicated to Iceland. It reminded me of the wonderful two years in film...

    • By Foster 2023-08-21 00:17:22

      Are you practicing Chinese kung fu to demolish the stage of our Chinese enterprises? Don't you know that the acquisition of these things by multinational corporations is all left by your Western uncles? Oh, we have polluted the land in China for decades, we and he now have two money to go to you to buy the land that has polluted you, and he will jump up? Then they put the dung pots on our heads, saying that we robbed you of your employment, polluted your environment, and set up debt traps for...

    Movie plot

    The road to becoming a mother for social activists! No one can stop the attacking mother! Fifty-year-old Hanra is a patient, kind-hearted choir teacher, but in addition to being a teacher, she is also a radical social activist. A phone call brought the long-awaited good news. She is about to become a mother. Facing the industrial development in Iceland and the arrival of her child, she is about to become a mother. How to face these...
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    Movie quotes

    • Halla: Economic sabotage.

      Ása: It's extremism, which breeds extremism. He who Jives by the sword, dies by the sword.

      Halla: But no one has been hurt, except our country and our planet.

      Ása: It's not the right way to solve this problem.

      Halla: Meditating in some convent, will that change something?

      Ása: It will change me and thus the world I hope.

      Halla: Isn't that egoism, to think it will change the world?

      Ása: The drop hollows the stone.

      Halla: The stone? The mountains are falling on us, we don't have time to wait for drops.

      Ása: Now you're going to save a child and the entire world with it. Isn't that a small drop or is it just vanity?

      Halla: At least I'm doing something for someone else.

    • Ása: You don't need anyone else. You know that you can do it. You're the mom and nothing will stop you.

      [stands up from the bench and faces Halla]

      Ása: What did mom always say?

      Halla: Yeah.

      Ása: Yes, say it.

      Halla: Moms can do anything.

      Ása: [laughs] No, the other thing.

      Halla: Find solutions.

      Ása: Exactly.

    • Baldvin: This is not a joke. Some American has taken over the investigation and Israelis too. They're analyzing the paper. Why did you use an old typewriter? It can be traced.

      Halla: Stop. No one will trace it.

      Baldvin: Why didn't you let me read it before?

      Halla: I just had to get it out, the timing was crucial. And then the girl came...

      Baldvin: [interrupts] But there are weak points they will tear apart.

      Halla: Like what?

      Baldvin: The laws about laws... You're opening up a very dangerous angle, they will totally deform it.

      Halla: People will understand. I've planted the seeds, it can't be stopped.

      Baldvin: They don't want to stop it, but to control it. They will control the discussion.

      Halla: What will be discussed? The real issues.

      Baldvin: Who will tell us what the real issues are?