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2022-10-19 18:16
Young choreographer Tate Taylor hasn't seen much work since he moved from being an actor to working behind the scenes. But it is the third feature film "Help" in its true sense. It has won a good reputation and a good box office at the top level, and it has also been favored by many honors. It not only won the British Academy of Film and Television Award, which is known as the British Oscar. The nomination for best screenplay also helped black actress Octavia Spencer win the Oscar award. Now, Tate Taylor has teamed up again with Octavia Spencer and a group of black actors for this biographical film about the godfather of soul music, James Brown. The earlier "Walking with the Song" starring Joaquin Phoenix showed the story of a generation of singer Johnny Cash; and the later one who won the Oscar for starring Ray Charles in "Soul Singer". Jamie Foxx. It can be described as a classic and successful work on the subject of music biography. And this one also shows the life of James Brown, a music godfather who struggled to grow up under the background of the great era in the United States and achieved brilliant achievements. I think it will definitely gain the attention and praise of many fans and even fans. Especially when James Brown's classic song "Get On Up" sounded again, how many people can't stop their thoughts and even their blood boil.
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Get on Up quotes

  • Susie Brown: My baby playing at the Apollo.

    James Brown: I ain't your baby, not then, not now. I look after James Brown. You want to know me, I'll tell you. My daddy in the army. My mamma left. No one else helped me. No one else.

  • Bobby Byrd: Look at these people, James. When is it going to be when we up there?

    James Brown: Right now!

    Bobby Byrd: What?

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