• Director: Graeme Clifford
  • Writer: Eric Bergren,Christopher De Vore,Nicholas Kazan
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: March 11, 1983
  • Runtime: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Gecelerin kadını
  • Frances is a biopic directed by Graeme Clifford and starring Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard .
    The film mainly tells the life story of Hollywood star Frances Elena Farmer .


    • Release date March 11, 1983
    • Filming locations Seattle, Washington, USA
    • Production companies Brooksfilms, EMI Films

    Box office

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


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    • By Alivia 2022-12-27 08:08:41

      Timeline of the main creators of "Francis"

      The article was first published on the public account [Little Director], please indicate the source for reprinting.

      Chronology of Kovacs' creation:

      MARK OF THE GUN 1963




      REBEL ROUSERS 1967

      PSYCH-OUT 1968





    • By Allison 2022-12-25 09:17:52

      Looking for Cameos - The Best Self-Assessment for HC OCD Matters Kevin Costner

      2007-06-28 22:58

      Cameo, the fun is that you have to seriously wait for this person to appear, because you don't know when he will appear, wait for you to take a sip or wink, or go to the toilet, he This is a physical and mental game that requires passion and patience. Let’s play it if you have enough. Of course, making good use of the pause button is the nirvana to clear the game. The tragedy is that you can't walk away or turn off the TV and computer immediately after he...

    • By Earl 2022-11-14 19:27:09

      The Script of Frances

      "Frances" Movie Play

      Text / [United States] Eric Berggren, Christopher DeVore, Nicholas Kazan Translation
      / Dry Bodybuilding

      Editor Foreword
      See how a big Hollywood star lives in America.
      The language of the script is smooth, the plot is successful, the story is complete, deliberate and profound, and it is intriguing. The clever handling at the end leaves a deep impression on the reader.

      The film is based on the real life of Frances...

    • By Hollis 2022-11-10 15:30:02

      Francis - a boiling, loving soul

      Soft, sweet voice, hard, strong character, in her eyes, these mundane, rude, and even vulgar people who use tricks happen to cause her to be insulted and hurt. And they called her "a blond maniac", noble but crazy, the beautiful embodiment of their fascination, and the object they were ready to cast aside and destroy. "I refuse to be who you want me to be - dull, ordinary, normal"

      The lover, the patron who had tried to save her, took her from the nursing home, from the...

    • By Arne 2022-11-05 05:27:48


      This film has been released in our country. As a further reading material, we translate the creative explanations of the film's main creators: the photographer and the artist, so that the reader can understand more clearly how the creator's intention is gradually realized. It is rare to find analytical articles about the photographer and the artist of a film at the same time. If the reader has a better understanding of the conception and creation of other main creative personnel other...

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    • By Constantin 2023-09-19 20:39:35

      what happened? I didn't even look at it. This is definitely a forgotten underdog. The structure of the film, the details, the acting, and the music are absolutely...

    • By Ivah 2023-09-07 10:36:27

      Hollywood is still so hypocritical. The film replaces Frances Farmer's reason for being sent to a mental hospital with a "paranoid mother", which is absurd. In the age of McCarthyism, whistle-blowing and persecution often required only a trivial reason, such as the poem she wrote when she was a teenager. Russian poetry about religion, vaguely mentioned, does not dare to expose the scars of the times. It is interesting to show her hysterical behavior, those electrotherapy, insults, and frontal...

    • By Rosemarie 2023-07-24 06:28:29

      God always likes to throw the pearl into the cesspool, and then watch the pearl immersed in the mud and struggle constantly, and then applaud like a child. The pituitary gland has been removed, so how can she still have normal emotions? It's ridiculous. The original family is something we can't choose, so Farmer has been trying desperately to escape, but she forgot that this world is run by capital, ruthless and ruthless, narrow and crazy, if you don't obey the rules, then you are the heresy,...

    • By Augustus 2023-07-20 21:20:12

      Great performance. What needs to be corrected is that the pituitary surgery on her is not proven, and there is no Harry, a Hollywood fiction. She was too maverick at that time, and she refused to follow the crowd. She had poor emotional control and self-destruction. She was treated miserably for more than ten years. Makes one sigh. In addition, her mother is too fucked up, her daughter can't even think of a peaceful life, she killed the girl...

    • By Cole 2023-07-03 07:51:52

      The world is like this, but even his parents can't understand him. Not only is he not a safe haven, but he is ignorant. It is a miracle that Francis did not die by...

    Movie plot

    As a potential actress, the outspoken Frances has a stubborn personality. Because she is unwilling to act as a machine to make money for the Hollywood boss, she is not willing to be controlled by the boss, so she is put into the cold palace, even a small role. Can't even act. After a series of misfortunes, life's hardships changed her character and she became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Later, she had a fierce conflict with her...
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    Background creation

    Based on the tragic life of Frances Elena Farmer, this biopic tells a nightmarish tragedy that brings the protagonist's ordeal to life with plenty of space. Frances, played by Jessica Lange, makes up for the lack of layers and rhythm in the film's structure and style with a resolute and emotional performance. Jessica Lange dissolves herself and fully enters the role, portraying Frances's visceral dissatisfaction and indignation...
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    Movie quotes

    • Mr. Bebe: Come along with me, Fanny.

      Frances Farmer: Frances. You know, I'm not the cookbook.

      Mr. Bebe: You see, you've got to change that name.

    • Arresting Sergeant: Your name?

      Frances Farmer: You jerks drag me down here in the middle of the night and you don't know who the hell I am?

      Arresting Sergeant: Your name lady?

      Frances Farmer: Frances Elena Farmer. Want me to spell it?

      Arresting Sergeant: And your address?

      Frances Farmer: Put me down as a vag, vagrant, vagabond. What is this, a joke? It's a joke? Assault and battery? Huh? I barely touched that bitch.

      Arresting Sergeant: Occupation?

      Frances Farmer: Cocksucker.

    • Harry York: Frances, you're crazy.

      Frances Farmer: [softly] Don't tell anybody.