Drifting Clouds

Drifting Clouds

  • Director: Aki Kaurismäki
  • Countries of origin: Finland, Germany, France
  • Language: Finnish, Swedish, English
  • Release date: July 10, 1998
  • Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Far Away the Clouds Escape
  • Kauas pilvet karkaavat is a comedy film directed by Aki Kaurismäki and starring Kati Otinen and Kari Vananen.
    The film tells the story of Aina and Kerry's family in crisis when the economic crisis comes.


    • Release date July 10, 1998
    • Filming locations Punavuori, Helsinki, Finland
    • Production companies Sputnik, Yleisradio (YLE), Pandora Filmproduktion

    Box office


    FIM 5,562,154 (estimated)

    Movie reviews

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    • By Melyssa 2022-07-10 22:16:45

      Migrant workers, part-time workers, part-time workers and become masters

      This is probably the first Finnish movie I watched (fortunately, there is no second half of the sentence "and the last one"), and Aki managed to gain an audience from the northern hemisphere. The film is very stylized. It was originally a particularly heavy and depressing topic of couples being laid off, but it was neutralized by the actors' puppet-like performances, dramatic lines, and dark humorous plot settings.

      work to earn a living? It's impossible...

    • By Benny 2022-07-10 22:09:50

      it happened, that's all

      The first part of Akikorismaki's Finnish trilogy set the tone for his aesthetic style. The melancholy gray-blue, the close-up of the characters, the blurred light and shadow, and the humorous, blank shots-some people say that this is a mixture of Bresson and Ozu, and there is indeed such a look and feel. But I appreciate Archie's portrayal and understanding of love more than aesthetics.

      "It happened, it's neither good nor bad" The source of this sense of security benefits from the...

    • By Elza 2022-07-10 20:41:27

      The use of red in Floating Clouds - When the expression is still, the color starts to jump.

      When the expression is still, the colors start to jump.

      Aki Kaurismaki is a Finnish director. He is very good at capturing the deep and majestic emotion of the calm alienation of the Finns. I don't know if the land of Northern Europe is because of the cold or because of loneliness, their restraint and calmness are more extreme than the Japanese. I have heard that if you take a bus in Finland and there is a person in the front of the...

    • By Elsa 2022-07-10 20:24:39

      Floating clouds are all wonderful

      Seeing that this man couldn't find a job at first, he used alcohol to relieve his worries. When he returned home and fell on the ground, it was outrageous. Then one day he found a job driving a bus. He was happy. It was flowers and music. , Haha?, very cute, thinking about the current urban life, everyone is tortured by work, they all feel that work is hard work?, but if you really don’t have a job, you will be even more worried, and if you don’t have a job, you will...

    • By Jettie 2022-07-10 19:36:06

      everything is nothing

      "The World of Floating Clouds" is a personal essay about watching movies, non-serious film critics will look at the name of the movie after watching the movie. "The World of Floating Clouds" is very interesting. I thought of an Internet catchphrase many years ago. , life still has to go on, the whole movie is about the life of the husband and wife after they lose their jobs, but I think the relationship between the two is also very touching, especially after seeing the husband lose all the...

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    • By Delmer 2022-07-10 23:43:32

      One of my favorite Aki at the moment, the opening piece of jazz totally got me hooked. There is no strong dramatic conflict, nor does it take on the attitude of bitterness and hatred. In the face of a bitter and tormenting life, the film is made in a quiet, comfortable and ironic manner. The minimalist video style reminds me of a film review Han Songluo once wrote: "It's cold, clean, and warm." Couples who have overcome difficulties together, old friends who help each other, can see hope as...

    • By Tessie 2022-07-10 22:17:04

      Kaurismaki's uniqueness is that his films are almost "inside out". The air of Finland is filled with such intimate emotions, but it is the osteoporotic posture and behavior of the characters that create a sense of strangeness. The laziness, silence, and exhaustion of the characters create a synchronization between the inside and the outside, which is an important source of humor. His world was always as solid and fragile as crystal. The characters, story and setting are all geared towards the...

    • By Kiley 2022-07-10 20:30:32

      It turned out to be a restaurant movie! ! ! At one time, I thought that Kosky felt that the whole world was in an economic crisis forever, but maybe he was just concerned about these humble, decent people at the bottom who wanted to support themselves. The scene of running out of the movie theater asking for a refund was hilarious - not at all on the surface. Then, the return of Chef You Tou Noodles is even more hilarious. All I can say is that the ending was too...

    • By Bailee 2022-07-10 19:04:21

      [Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Screening] Laid-off and re-employment, with a strong warmth in the bitter life. Plus a bit of cold humor. But the ending is so illusory and unrealistic. A certain angle is the same as Huang Hong's sketch. People can't help but want to hum Liu Huan's song: if the heart is in a dream, there is still true love between heaven and...

    • By Paxton 2022-07-10 18:40:23

      Go buy a TV and watch it, you can't afford it anyway; go to a movie, and life won't get any worse anyway. Like the light kiss after catching up on your tram in the snow after the night shift; like the bouquet of flowers that you bring home no matter where you go. So no matter if you sell your car, lose all your money, lose your job, or fail the medical examination, you are willing to trust you unconditionally. Life is like this, and it is better to live your life with your support than to hold...

    Movie plot

    Aina (played by Kati Outinen) and Kerry (played by Kari Väänänen) are a very close couple, one of them is a restaurant manager and the other is a tram driver. It's tight," but it's clear that the future of the two is full of light and hope.
    The arrival of the economic crisis put Aina and Kerry's family in crisis. The restaurant where Aina was working went bankrupt and Kerry unfortunately won the lottery in the company's "layoff...
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    Movie quotes

    • Restaurant chief: [Ilona is applying a new job] To be honest, you're beginning to be too old.

      Ilona: I'm 36.

      Restaurant chief: You can pass away at any time.

    • Man of Olympia: [after Lauri has recovered from beating] You start distantly reminding a human being.

    • Melartin: Let's take the whole bottle, it's cheaper