Drifting Clouds movie plot

2022-07-10 22:46
Aina (played by Kati Outinen) and Kerry (played by Kari Väänänen) are a very close couple, one of them is a restaurant manager and the other is a tram driver. It's tight," but it's clear that the future of the two is full of light and hope.
The arrival of the economic crisis put Aina and Kerry's family in crisis. The restaurant where Aina was working went bankrupt and Kerry unfortunately won the lottery in the company's "layoff lottery". The couple lost their jobs at the same time, and the family's loan was repaid Before it's over, life shows a real and cruel face, Aina and Kerry don't know what to do. Although they lost their jobs, the husband and wife did not lose their fighting spirit and dignity. In order to survive, they made all kinds of efforts. Unfortunately, these efforts ended in failure. In this desperate situation, Aina's former boss appears in front of Aina, and he brings an opportunity, it may be bad, but it may also be good.
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Drifting Clouds quotes

  • Melartin: Let's take the whole bottle, it's cheaper

  • Mrs. Sjöholm: When I was young I drunk many men under the table.

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