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2022-07-10 18:06
When love is a thing of the past - IN LOVE AND WAR
The translation name of "In Love and War" is very unsatisfactory. The original name is IN LOVE AND WAR.
The style of the film is a bit difficult to determine. Let's say it is a love epic. The background is large enough, but it always lacks a sense of soul-stirring. Let's call it a warm and touching sketch, but there is also a kind of sadness that makes people faint and can't be relieved. It can't be said that this is a successful work, it can only be said that this is a work that can move some people, even if it cannot be regarded as a work. It's a good movie, but it's definitely inspiring.
The story takes place in the Italian battlefield during the First World War. American soldier Ernest Miller Hemingway and nurse Anise fell in love at first sight. However, after a year of separation, Anise, who faced the reality, had to break up, and Ernest Miller Hemingway broke up in a fit of rage. After rejecting Anise's later apology, their love ended in vain. The film was changed based on the real experience of the famous writer Ernest Miller Hemingway. In the end, the two unfortunately failed to get together, and Ernest Miller Hemingway regretted it for the rest of his life.
Love, the eternal theme of human beings, has been bowed down by many heroes and heroes throughout the ages, and how many literati and poets have splashed ink only to praise or vent their feelings for it. There is no doubt about the love between Ernest Miller Hemingway and Anise in the film. The two people started with affection, to a passionate night, and finally to the painful decision in the lakeside cabin. There are several such unforgettable loves in a person's life, and a few people are lucky enough to meet the person who allows them to give up everything to love. Ernest Miller Hemingway paid a lifetime of pain for his stubbornness. He had four unhappy marriages and finally chose suicide to end his own life. We don't know how much this love blow has in his painful life, but we can I feel Ernest Miller Hemingway 's strong feeling for love from his works , whether it is "Snow of Kilimanjaro" or "Battle Bells", whether in life or in reality, Ernest Miller Hemingway is a man who longs for love Man, but his stubbornness eventually ruined the love that could have come. A person who cannot face his arrogance and dignity is actually cowardly, and if he chooses cowardice, he also chooses pain. At this point, Anise is much more mature than Ernest Miller Hemingway. For love, she can refuse the proposal of a wealthy doctor. For her lover, in order not to leave any regrets, she can ask her sweetheart's forgiveness. We have no way of knowing how Anise was feeling, but even if she didn't get married until she was 36, and even if it took a long time to try and forget about her heart-wrenching love, she did what she could, maybe It was this that allowed her to live to an age that ordinary people could not expect.
The Italian landscape is stunning, and the film's lead, Sandra Bullock , has few non-modern dramas, but still won over the audience, while the other star, Chris O'Donnell, is lackluster, although with a delicate and almost perfect appearance, the performance is slightly different. It's a bit of a pity that it looks childish and doesn't match the slightly masculine temperament of Ernest Miller Hemingway. The film is easily reminiscent of two other love epics, The English Patient and The Barber of Siberia , the same love tragedy that is heartbreaking.
At the end of the film, at the quiet lakeside, the heroine Anise finally looked at Ernest Miller Hemingway, her eyes full of anticipation and tears, and the sentimental music slowly remembered, at this moment, who is not moved by it, Who doesn't feel sorry for them in their hearts, and who doesn't realize that everything is over. Ernest Miller Hemingway knew, Anise knew, and we knew, when Anise finally said, "I love you until the end of my life." At this point, love was a thing of the past.
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  • Ernest Hemingway: It won't work. Take a look. He's ancient. He must be close to 40.

  • Agnes von Kurowsky: You know what I've been told? Italian men respect their wives. They spoil their mistresses. But the only women they love are their mothers.

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