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2022-07-10 20:56
"In Love and War" is a unique film story, this film was adapted and filmed by Richard Attenborough, the great British director who filmed " Gandhi ", based on the personal experience of the famous novelist Ernest Miller Hemingway . The adaptation mainly refers to Ernest Miller Hemingway's War-torn Romance: The Diary of Agni Kosky by Henry Villa and Thomas Nagle. It is worth noting that the strength of the director should not be underestimated. Richard Attenborough, who is also the director and producer of this film , defeated Spielberg's "Alien" at the Oscars in 1982 with " Gandhi ". "People", won eight awards including Best Picture, Director, etc. In addition to "Gandhi", his directorial masterpieces include " Cry Freedom ", "Chaplin and His Lover" and " Shadowlands ", etc. There are countless awards shortlisted, and the winning works are amazing.
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In Love and War quotes

  • Henry: Do you love him?

    Agnes: Yes.

    Henry: Have you told him?

    Agnes: Yes, but I don't think he heard me.

  • Ernest Hemingway: You love me, you just don't know it yet.

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