Escape from Pretoria

Escape from Pretoria

  • Director: Francis Annan
  • Writer: Francis Annan,L.H. Adams,Tim Jenkin
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, Australia, United States, South Afric
  • Language: English, French
  • Release date: March 6, 2020
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
  • Also known as: Phi Vụ Đào Tẩu
  • "Escape from Pretoria" is a thriller drama directed by Francis Annan, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Ian Hart , Daniel Weber and others. It will be released in the UK on March 6, 2020.
    The film is adapted from real events. It tells the story of Tim Jenkin, a white South African who participated in the secret anti-apartheid operation of the African People's Congress, was regarded as a terrorist and went to jail, and planned to escape.


    • Release date March 6, 2020
    • Filming locations Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    • Production companies Footprint Films, Beagle Pug Films, MEP Capital

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    • By Dante 2022-12-31 16:03:58

      The sense of substitution is strong, but the plot is relatively thin

      On the whole, it is a film with a strong sense of immersion. The protagonist makes a key and is repeatedly "educated" by the prison guards. The physical and psychological state of tension and fear is very well portrayed. It may be limited by the length of time. The overall rhythm of the movie is fast, the plot is relatively thin, and the main background story is rarely explained, and the overall feeling is relatively thin. In terms of actors, it can be seen that Daniel is trying to get out...

    • By Davon 2022-12-26 18:29:50

      This escape is not that escape

      Adapting from a historical story adds a sense of heaviness to the story, but the plot and rhythm are obviously different from The Shawshank Redemption and Prison Break, basically unable to catch the heartbeat, and there is no tension. Without even escaping the tension and final relaxation that comes with escaping Tehran, the truth is always better than the movie, and I believe the real story is better.

      In addition to being brutal, the character design of the police is too brainless, so...

    • By Davonte 2022-12-25 02:54:06

      Is this a jailbreak? Harry Potter opened the door with magic, right?

      I really thought it would be nice to escape from Pretoria, but I was so disappointed. The background is set in apartheid South Africa, and because of participating in the ANC prison, the very attractive background design even thought it was the South African version of dungeon memories. As a result, Daniel Radcliffe played jailbreak like a robber, and these era backgrounds shouted a slogan in the movie. You can escape from prison, Babylon, and Shawshank's redemption. No one says you have to...

    • By Dolores 2022-12-24 08:24:02

      No skills, Courage = 0

      "Escape from Pretoria" - a new film coming out in March 2020, is a lovable prison escape film. With the firm belief, amazing memory and high-precision craftsmanship of the first male Tim, he eliminated all unfeasible solutions and chose "black under the light" - open the door and go out. The real attraction of the film for me is that this seemingly fantastical scheme is real, based on the fact that white Afrikaans Tim Jenkin was seen as a terrorist for his secret anti-apartheid campaign at...

    • By Royce 2022-12-23 18:15:07

      I really don't know what I don't know than jailbreak 2. I don't know what tension is several grades

      At first I thought it was a rubbish movie without a comment, but I just watched it without a movie, my God is absolutely beautiful, the whole process was nervous, it was the kind of immersive nervousness, it was really beautiful, although it was not a big production, it was definitely better than a prison break 2 I don't know how many times it looks good, it's really absolutely nervous! ! ! The whole process is tense from beginning to end, and it is getting more and more exciting. It is...

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    • By Annetta 2023-08-14 06:15:22

      It is amazing that people can continue to escape to London after they have successfully escaped from...

    • By Bernhard 2023-08-07 09:49:23

      Relying on the key to escape, really...

    • By Marion 2023-08-07 03:22:10

      It's ok to be...

    • By Einar 2023-07-28 02:11:50

      Based on real events, the means of escape from prison is very basic due to age issues, but the rhythm and atmosphere of the movie is not bad, which can arouse your nervousness! If you ignore some of the real historical and political issues behind this, it will be regarded as a prison escape thriller. The film is okay! In addition, Daniel has been trying various roles and constantly looking for breakthroughs, but after so many years, it is a pity that everyone's first reaction when they see him...

    • By Louvenia 2023-05-24 18:24:41

      Is Harry Potter growing taller? Only when we lived in the era of 1978 would there be no surveillance, the opportunity to make wooden keys, and it would be a street when we walked out....

    Movie quotes

    • Denis Goldberg: Don't run away, stay and fight!

      Tim Jenkin: [holds up a key] This is how we fight!