Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

  • Director:
  • Countries of origin: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Release date: January 31, 2020
  • Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1080i(HDTV)
  • Also known as: Tầng Lớp Itaewon
  • "이태원클라쓰; Itaewon Class" is a TV series premiered on January 31, 2020 by JTBC in South Korea. It is directed by Kim Sun-yoon, written by Kwang Jin, and starring Park Seo Jun and Kim Da Mi.
    The play is adapted from the webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of an upright young man, Park Shilu, who counterattacks all the way in Itaewon, composes a myth of entrepreneurship, and takes revenge on the person who killed his father   .


    • Release date January 31, 2020
    • Production companies Showbox/Mediaplex, Zium Content, JTBC Studios

    Movie reviews

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    • By Tyreek 2022-12-26 22:05:47

      This is the most fake Amway I have received recently

      After finishing the class 8 episode of Itaewon, I determined that the revenge drama is a fake Amway, and I want to report it and close my eyes. About 10,000 Langya Bang and Yanxi Palace are missing from the Count of Monte Cristo.

      Except for a few scenes where the heroine slaps the face, the whole drama is full of water and procrastination. The hero sets up the great holy father, revenge relies on slogans, counterattacks rely on the heroine, stocks rely on basic friends, and...

    • By Zella 2022-12-13 12:56:09

      [About the translation of the male protagonist's four-character name]

      The male protagonist's name is four characters "박새로이" not "박새로", but all translations (including genuine Chinese comics) have been translated into Park Shilu, which I personally feel is inappropriate.

      In fact, South Korea is not a single name without four characters. Some actors also have four-character names, such as 황우슬혜 Huang Yusehui, 이엘리야 Li Eliya, 박산다라 Park Sandora and so on.

      (First of all, I still have to blow a wave of my folds! Pu folds must be a high-quality...

    • By Gennaro 2022-12-09 18:13:02

      I'm getting more and more confused after watching episode 8

      After watching the trailer, I was attracted, and the heroine's unwavering look should be pretty good-looking. The result... The most cool thing about watching episode 8 should be that the heroine Lian Lianba treated her former classmates and covered her second girl's mouth... The rest is really 1.5 times faster, especially episodes 7-8

      why! Isn't the male protagonist wanting revenge? Even if it is done in the exact opposite way to the president, it can't be the Holy Father! There...

    • By Krista 2022-12-03 17:46:42

      For Xiuya, Shilu is a light that illuminates the darkness

      In this play, the male protagonist is a little sun

      He has the character of a man of good morals

      He is upright, kind, purposeful, courageous and fearless of authority

      Even if he encounters power, he will bow his head

      He is very good, almost everyone will like him, love him

      He is a light that illuminates many people

      When I saw him, I even thought of Guo Jing. I felt like a hero.

      Everyone admires such a person, but it is difficult to become such a...

    • By Roger 2022-11-30 08:14:05

      Character Analysis

      In fact, this is the first Korean drama I watched, and I am chasing it. The male protagonist is very honest, upright, and a very kind person. He is an idealist, which is reflected in his ability to stick to his own nature and to deal with the injustice and oppression that the world has imposed on him with an upright, kind and upright attitude. He does what he says, does what he says, and is not afraid of the powerful, which makes him a real man. He is a very rare person in real life,...

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    • By Janick 2023-01-13 01:28:08

      I was forced to watch four episodes of Amway, which is quite ugly to be honest. Whether it's the male protagonist's expressionless acting, the stubborn plot, the plot with no bright spots, or the setting of the entire play and characters, they are all quite ordinary. A lot of people find it novel, but I just find it...

    • By Kayli 2022-12-26 15:34:59

      Four episodes have been updated so far, and the content is simple and clear. The guy is an idiot. His father was expelled from teaching the second generation, and he was hit and killed by the rich second generation. After hitting the second generation a few times, he was locked up and imprisoned. Going to jail or being framed by the girl he likes, and still loving that girl (the girl is a member of the orphanage that his father takes care of.) Brother, is your father dead? ? ? ? You were...

    • By Oceane 2022-12-15 08:28:58

      I like the second female without explanation. The feeling of the heroine tearing down ten years of CP alive. The first love of a teenager, after growing up, it is difficult to obtain justice in this society, and the opportunity to be with the person you like, along with a drama that reflects the darkness of all kinds of society and is more inspirational, and insists on the whole "genius girl" that is open to come in. , so that the male protagonist depends on the woman to succeed. Then, I have...

    • By Solon 2022-11-23 07:01:48

      Abandoning the drama... The male protagonist's Virgin Mary is stupid and white sweet unconditionally licking the female duo set is too...

    • By Jeffry 2022-10-26 18:18:42

      I'm about to give up after watching 8 episodes, there are too many slots. The young and procrastinating plot has exhausted the goodwill and freshness accumulated by the heroine and the revenge line in the early stage. At present, it seems that the male protagonist's revenge is too child's play, and the whole family in the tavern is in full love with each other while playing family and taking revenge. The revenge line is too simple and naive, the villain chaebol boss lowered his rank to compete...

    Movie plot

    The father of an upright young man named Park Seo Jun ( Park Seo Jun ) died in an accident. He escaped legal punishment because the perpetrator was a chaebol. Park Seo wanted to seek justice for his father, but was imprisoned. Park Shilu's father's exhortation during his lifetime became the belief that supported the hero to persevere. This stubborn persistence was used by Park Shilu in his life planning. He formulated a 15-year-long...
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