Itaewon Class movie plot

2022-07-13 19:29
The father of an upright young man named Park Seo Jundied in an accident. He escaped legal punishment because the perpetrator was a chaebol. Park Seo wanted to seek justice for his father, but was imprisoned. Park Shilu's father's exhortation during his lifetime became the belief that supported the hero to persevere. This stubborn persistence was used by Park Shilu in his life planning. He formulated a 15-year-long plan for his revenge. After he was released from prison , Pu Shilu, who has only a junior high school education and a criminal record, worked hard for 7 years and saved money to open a tavern in Itaewon. Those clerks who followed him to start a business and counterattack were all marginalized groups with a dark background. There were former members of the triad who lost themselves for a time, transgender people who were male but eager to work and earn money to undergo sex reassignment surgery, and others. A poor concubine who has been discriminated against by his native family since childhood. These people who are treated differently in the society are the hard-working partners that Park Shilu cherishes very much. Park Shilu counterattacked all the way to realize his business ambitions, and took revenge on the person who killed his father, so that the goals that were regarded by others as idiotic dreams were realized one by one   .
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