The King: Eternal Monarch behind the scenes gags

2022-07-12 20:28
  1. Lee MinHo has been working hard to figure out the character since before filming started in October 2019. In order to express the character and weight of the emperor's character, Lee MinHo has conducted a long and meticulous study on the outside and inside of the tone, voice, breathing, clothing, posture and so on   .
  2. In order to match the setting of a perfect monarch with both civil and military skills, Lee MinHo also personally practiced various events such as rowing and horse riding. Lee MinHo was originally a person with high-level horse riding ability, but in order to show a tasteful emperor posture, he started from the "basic skills" of horse riding again and carried out thorough training   .
  3. In order to express the setting of a mathematician and a "science-type character", Lee MinHo also specially looked for math books and physicist's speeches, etc., from the perspective of learning history, visited Deoksugung Palace Stone Palace, etc., and did a lot for TV dramas ready   .
  4. When Lee MinHo was shooting the scene of riding a white horse in Busan, he was called "the real Prince Charming" by the onlookers   .
  5. In order to relieve the tension in the children's filming, Lee MinHo performed a fairy tale show for the tired children during the break, and improvised "Royal Kindergarten", and was teased by the staff to find a second talent   .
  6. During the filming of the confrontation scene in the bamboo forest, Lee MinHo was worried that the white horse he was filming together would not adapt due to the cold weather, and kept calming it by touching it   .
  7. Lee MinHo has a different relationship with his partner horse "maximus" in the play. Considering that maximus, who has been tied there and cooperated with the filming, will be uncomfortable, he will ask the staff to untie him during the break to let him relax. , looked at each other affectionately and said, "Remember brother"   .
  8. Lee MinHo said that the candy he likes, maximus also likes, so after filming one of the horses, he has one, and he eats it like this. Because maximus likes to follow Lee MinHo so much that he makes a sudden move towards Lee MinHo who is filming, and NG appears   .
  9. The owner of maximus revealed that the reason why Lee MinHo and maximus are so tacit is because Lee MinHo has been developing a relationship with him two months before the shooting, playing with him and helping him bathe, so he prefers to follow Lee MinHo rather than the owner.   .
  10. The show's Maximus auditioned several times before joining the production and had acting training before filming. It is a star animal actor who often appears in commercials and popular TV dramas. It is a precious breed that was airlifted from Germany. The baby Maximus, who appeared in the second episode, also came to Incheon from France. During the filming period, Maximus also received special treatment no less than that of celebrity artists, including vibration-free moving vehicles between Haeundae and Gwanghwamun Square in Busan, professional managers and stand-in horses. Maintain the state, there will be a professional manager for health check and rest in the middle. After the filming, we provided professional horse feed, nutritional supplements, fresh fruits and carrots that were airlifted from Germany   .

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