Jane Eyre movie plot

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Jane Eyre is an orphan, born into a poor priest's family. His parents died within a month of contracting typhoid fever. The young Jane was fostered in the house of her aunt and uncle. Uncle Mr. Reed is inAfter his death, Jane lived 10 years of discrimination and abuse. At one point, Jane was locked up for resisting a beating by her cousin. Physical pain and spiritual humiliation and fear made her seriously ill.
Her aunt regarded her as a thorn in her side and isolated her from her own children. Since then, her confrontation with her aunt has become more open and resolute. Later, Jane was sent to the Lowood Orphanage.
The orphanage has strict rules, life is hard, and the dean is a ruthless hypocrite. Jane continued to be mentally and physically tortured at the orphanage. Due to the poor living conditions, children in the orphanage often died of illness, and her best friend Helen Keller died in a big scrubtyphus . This time scrubtyphus also made a big improvement for the orphanage. Jane was educated in the new environment for six years and taught at the school for two years. With the departure of Miss Templer, Jane, tired of life in the orphanage, advertises for a career as a tutor.
The housekeeper of Thornfield Manor hired her. Rochester, the manor of the manor, often travels abroad. There is only one girl, Adela Vallon, who is less than 10 years old in the huge mansion. Rochester is her protector and she is Jane's student.
One evening, Jane went out for a walk and met the owner who had just returned from abroad. This was the first time they met. She later found out that her master was a melancholy, moody man with mixed attitudes towards her. The whole house was gloomy and empty, and sometimes a creepy, strange laugh could be heard.
One day, Jane was awakened by this kind of laughter in her sleep, and found that Rochester's room was on fire. Jane woke him and helped him put out the fire.
When Rochester returned, family dinners were often held. After courting a beautiful lady named Ingram at a family dinner , Jane is summoned into the drawing room, only to be treated coldly by Blanche's mother and daughter, who endures the humiliation and leaves the drawing room. By this time, she had fallen in love with Rochester. In fact, Rochester has also fallen in love with Jane, he just wants to test Jane's love for himself. When he proposed to Jane, Jane agreed.
On the eve of the wedding, Jane saw a woman with a repulsive countenance, disgusting appearance wearing her wedding dress in front of the mirror.
The next day, when the wedding was quietly taking place in the church, it was revealed that Mr. Rochester had been married 15 years ago. His wife turned out to be the crazy woman who was locked up in the secret room on the third floor. The law hinders their love, leaving the two in deep pain. Jane left Rochester on a stormy night. On the way to find a new way of life, Jian Fengfan sleeps in the rough, begging along the way, and goes through all kinds of hardships. Finally, he is taken in by Pastor St. John in Zedifang, where he teaches in a local primary school.
Soon, Jane learned that her uncle died and left her an estate, and also found out that St. John was her cousin, Jane decided to divide the property equally. St. John was a fanatical believer and planned to go to India as a missionary. He asked Jane to marry him and go to India with him. Jane rejected him and decided to go back to Rochester.
She returned to Thornfield Manor, the mansion in ruins, where the mad woman fell to her death after setting it on fire, and Rochester was maimed. Jane found him and married him, and got her ideal happy life. 
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  • Davon 2022-04-03 09:01:11

    Too passionate and straight-forward adaptation. Maggie Smith's son didn't expect to be so handsome, and it seems a little too suave to play Mr. Rochester. The heroine is actually not ugly, but when she speaks, she is ugly. The screenwriter added so many irrelevant characters that it was unnecessary.

  • Olen 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    An extremely glorified "gentle" version of Rochester. A little less rebellious, fickle, indifferent, Rochester, who has become a good man, is very romantic. The rest of the parts have been cut properly, and the adaptation is very good.

Jane Eyre quotes

  • Jane Eyre: Hurry, Hannah. We must light the fires before they arrive.

    Hannah: [to St.John] She wants fire in every room, in places where they never were.

    Jane Eyre: What's the use of five thousands pounds if you can't light a few fires at Christmas?

    St John Rivers: Twenty thousands.

    Jane Eyre: St. John, I'll not hear another word. We've been over it again and again. Our uncle left a nephew and three nieces. We must all profit from his will equally.

    St John Rivers: Jane, you've never had money. You do not know what use you may put it to.

    Jane Eyre: And you've never been without family. I will have a brother and sisters, and a home.

    St John Rivers: I'll be a brother to you, whether you share the money our uncle left you, you and only you, or not.

    Jane Eyre: Leaving you with nothing, unable to realize your dreams and me with a fortune. I know enough about money to realize that will not make me happy

    St John Rivers: What of the future? If you should marry?

    Jane Eyre: I'll never marry.

  • St John Rivers: We sail in six weeks. We must make marriage preparations.

    Jane Eyre: Why can we not travel as brother and sister? As equals?

    St John Rivers: That would be impossible.

    Jane Eyre: St. John, you do not love me.

    St John Rivers: Love is not an ingredient in this matter.

    [Jane turns away from him, thinking]

    St John Rivers: I fear you have not forgotten your old association despite the harm he tried to do you.

    Jane Eyre: I'll never see any of them again. But I owe a debt to my friends at Thornfield Hall. In many ways, I started my life there. I became Jane Eyre.

    St John Rivers: God made Jane Eyre! You surely don't give this man Rochester any credit for that!

    Jane Eyre: Of course not. I've always known myself. But he was the first to recognize me. And to love what he saw.

    [long pause]

    Jane Eyre: I'll give you your answer St. John soon, don't worry. And if I go with you that will be my decision. You'll have him to thank for that.

    [leaves the room]

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