The Dead Girl movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
1) The celibate caretaker Arden found the body of Krista who was killed. Later, when Krista's body was placed on the mortuary, Leah also sent some clues. As the story progresses, Ruth also comes into the audience's attention. She is experiencing a tense love-hate relationship with A husband; A man of spirit , and she discovers the murder of her A husband; A man of spirit and Krista There is some connection between them. Finally, Krista's mother, Melora, also appears, who is looking for the reason for her daughter 's Running away from home . When some seemingly unrelated people are involved, the mysterious cause of death of a young woman is gradually revealed.
2) There are more than five branch lines in the movie "Trap". Unmarried Arden lives in a serene community and cares for her elderly but grumpy mother, living a monotonous life. One day, she unexpectedly discovers the body of a young girl Krista, shocking the entire community, and her monotonous peaceful life is instantly shattered. The young girl was convicted of murder, and in addition to attracting a lot of media attention, Arden was also a blessing in disguise to win the favor of a man. Among the many women, Arden is quite lucky, because compared to other women, including the dead girl, they all have a horrific past, as well as a series of mysteries and reflections.
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  • Kole 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Despair does not always come from death, but death sets off despair

  • Damion 2022-04-21 09:03:50

    Crossover movies are easy to pull off, this one is mediocre in terms of plot, but very meaningful

The Dead Girl quotes

  • Melora: Did she tell you why she ran away?

    Rosetta: She probably wasn't happy

    Melora: Did she tell you why?

    Rosetta: Other than her stepfather sticking his dick in her? I don't think so, she probably thought "hey man fuck it, if I'm going to do it I might as well get paid" and her mother was too much of a dish rag to do anything about it, you know typical the husband or the kids they always trust the husband...

    Melora: Did she tell you that?

    Rosetta: What?

    Melora: That her mother knew and chose him?

    Rosetta: She probably likes it right? Probably took some of the load off, like having one of your kids help with the laundry

    Melora: [starts crying]

    Rosetta: You her mom?

  • Rudy: You're not kissing me. You're just lying there like you want me to rape you!

    Arden: Okay.

    Rudy: What, you want me to rape you?

    Arden: I'll kiss you.

    Rudy: And take the gloves off.

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