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2022-03-25 08:01
The death of 1 girl detonated the crisis of 7 women: a stranger who found the body made headlines because of the murder, and his life was turned upside down; a sister who was looking for the truth was eager to confirm the identity of the body, hoping to reverse everything; a suspicious A husband; A man of spirit's wife discovers that A husband; A man of spirit has a very unusual relationship with a murdered young girl; a mother desperate for her daughter sets out to find her missing daughter, always believing in her Still alive; a girl with a harsh fate who had a young and unmarried daughter who would sell herself at all costs to make money.
"Trap" is a rare type of film in the American independent film industry, and was once hailed by the American media as the biggest legacy of the 2007 Oscars. It begins with the discovery of a strange girl's body through the wonderful interpretation of several outstanding Hollywood actresses, and then exposes the secrets and most painful feelings buried in each woman's heart one by one. There is no cold scene in the whole film. In addition to the thrilling suspense plot, the dramatic tension of each character is impressive and even breathtaking.
"Trap" is the second work of the talented American female director Karen Moncrieff (formerly known as "Blue Lolita"), but it is more shocking than the previous one. Karen Moncrieff, a former actress, is good at exploring the bottom layer of women's spirituality. Not only does she have a unique directing style, but even the script never fakes the hand of others. With a main line, multiple sets of branch lines, interlaced time and space, and then laying out the secrets of each character one by one, "Trap" can be said to be one of the most dazzling works in the American independent film industry in 2006.
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  • Rudy: You're not kissing me. You're just lying there like you want me to rape you!

    Arden: Okay.

    Rudy: What, you want me to rape you?

    Arden: I'll kiss you.

    Rudy: And take the gloves off.

  • Arden: There's a dead girl.

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