If You Are the One movie plot

2022-03-03 08:01
Returnee Qin Fenwas full of jokes on his online marriage journey. Either encountering homosexuals again, or encountering salesmen, Qin Fen was a little disheartened until he met Liang Xiaoxiao. Liang Xiaoxiao fell in love with a married man and fell into a bitter love. This time, she came out to meet Qin Fen only following the arrangement of her family. The two, who no longer plan to see each other, share life's most hidden secrets to their heart's content.
Soon, however, Xiaoxiao, who was planning to break up with her old love, found Qin Fen and said that she wanted to marry him, but she wanted to go to Hokkaido with him first. Qin Fen agreed. The two embarked on a trip to Hokkaido. Qin Fen's old friend in Hokkaido welcomed them warmly. The three traveled all over Hokkaido. Qin Fen knew that he could not get Xiaoxiao's heart, but he didn't know that Xiaoxiao's heart was happening. change   .
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