101 Reykjavík movie plot

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Thirty-year-old Shinau has no major pursuits in life. He browses pornographic websites all day, drinks and hangs out with friends at night, lives at home by receiving welfare benefits, and does not handle relationships with women. He was sincere and he was absent-minded. When her mother returned to her grandmother's house on Christmas Day, her friend Laura (Victoria Abril) came to the house and stayed there. The two had a relationship. in distress. The next day his mother came home and told him that she was actually a lover with Laura, so Shinau watched his lover Laura and her mother embrace each other in bed every day. One day Laura told him that she was pregnant, and that she was going to raise this child with Shinau's mother to form a complete gay family, and this child was Shinau's. Shinau faced the messy relationship in front of her, and she didn't know how to face it. right. 
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    Nothing to do with eroticism, nothing to do with les, and nothing to do with that inexplicable love. From the hottest to the coldest places, there are always people who don't want to grow up. Jean Marc-Barr said don't let him die on Sunday, the Icelander said let him be born on Saturday, die on Saturday, Compromise is the only way to survive. PS: 1. Northern Europe is really the hometown of Xiaodian, and the soundtrack can make people feel numb; 2. Abril in Spain is Almodovar's royal flower.

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    2010/03/08 The quality of the VCD is extremely poor, and it is difficult to expose the spectrum.

101 Reykjavík quotes

  • Hlynur: Family dinner or a funeral... I'd rather go to a funeral, at least there's one less idiot then.

  • Hlynur: I can't talk and smoke at the same time.

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