Bread and Tulips evaluation action

2022-04-09 08:01
The film shows a weighty and influential lighthearted humor, which is pleasing to the eye without losing its seriousness and depth, burying reflection and philosophy under a light comedy style, making people watch from the beginning to the end. The end is filled with joy, with a strong Italian-style enthusiasm, while encouraging the audience to self-examine their own life status and even make necessary changes. Soldini's depiction of the inner world of the characters is delicate and elegant, with bitterness and irony in the beauty. He did not adopt a faithful realist approach, but as if telling a fairy tale, digging in the conflict between expressed and unexpressed emotions, and at the same time endowed the film with rich revelations and hints, making it subtle and meaningful profound.
The film's performance of the beautiful Venice is also special. It does not focus on those places of interest like ordinary films, but focuses on a living Venice, which is more natural and intimate   .
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Bread and Tulips quotes

  • Fernando: I felt my phoenix rise from the ashes.

  • Rosalba Barletta: Is it true that you're on drugs?

    Nic: Who told you that?

    Rosalba Barletta: Aunt Ketty.

    Nic: Mom, that's not true. Weed is not a drug.

    Rosalba Barletta: No? Then what is it?

    Nic: Weed.

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