Bread and Tulips movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
Rosalbais an ordinary housewife in Pescara, Italy. Her husband Mimois the owner of a health care company, and her son Nick is a typical "rebel" youth. Distraught, Rosalba boarded a tour bus bound for Venice when she was dropped on a trip to the bathroom on a trip of three.
, the barman in the restaurant , who generously takes Rosalba into his home. Gradually, Rosalba began to adjust to life in Venice, and she even found a job in a nearby flower shop. The florist is an anarchist whose passion for flowers and love for life has led to a platonic bond between him and Rosalba. Encouraged by Fernando, she played the accordion that had been abandoned for many years. The dullness of life is swept away in the beautiful water city, and Rosalba begins to discover the joy of life again.
On the other side, Mimo had a tough time. Although he was very annoyed by his wife's behavior, he still had a heated fight with his mistress Katie. But his lover is different from his wife after all. Seeing the mess at home, Mimo slowly felt the importance of Rosaba. In a hurry, he had to hire a detective Castantinoto get his wife back.
Castantino finally finds Rosalba after all the twists and turns, and his arrival seems to change everyone's fate. He fell in love with Fernando's neighbor, the cheerful masseuse Grazia, and even decided to stay in Venice. Rosalba was worried about her son, so she could only go home with her nostalgia for Venice and infinite melancholy. The pleasant and unforgettable vacation seemed to be over and everything was back to normal. But one day, Fernando suddenly appeared in Pescara, he expressed his love to Rosalba, and what should Rosalba choose   .
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Bread and Tulips quotes

  • Fernando: I felt my phoenix rise from the ashes.

  • Rosalba Barletta: Is it true that you're on drugs?

    Nic: Who told you that?

    Rosalba Barletta: Aunt Ketty.

    Nic: Mom, that's not true. Weed is not a drug.

    Rosalba Barletta: No? Then what is it?

    Nic: Weed.

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