If You Are the One Reviews

2022-03-03 08:01
The film's discussion of love and marriage is very sincere and serious. In addition, Xiaogang Feng paid attention to many social hot topics in several paragraphs of marriage - leftover boys, children, financial crisis, earthquake, war, and even "homosexuality", etc., making the whole film close to life. The plot is hilarious, with an average of 5 minutes of hilarious scenes, which reflects Xiaogang Feng's ability to control comedy themes. Among them, Qin Fen's six marriage experiences have the strongest comedy effect.
In the film, Ge You's acting skills were brought into full play. In addition to the comedy he was good at, a tearful and sincere performance made the audience emotional. The coherent use of shots, coupled with Ge You's sad expression and sentimental lines, moved the audience, and the laughter disappeared, replaced by moving. Not only is he a comedian, but he is equally good at portraying the pathos of his characters. The film is full of strong Jiangnan flavor; the mountains and fields of Hokkaido, elegant izakayas and other scenery are also included in the film, with beautiful scenery to set off the story, the beauty of the picture makes "Feng's humor" get rid of the traditional Beijing flavor , giving people a bright feeling   .
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