If You Are the One behind the scenes gags

2022-03-03 08:01
  • In the film, Hu Jing plays a neurotic girl who wants to marry Ge You, holding a rag doll and saying that she is Ge You's son. Xiaogang Feng felt unhappy during the editing, so he deleted the entire scene.
  • The "The Conflict Resolution Terminal" in the film and the 19 specially made copies of "The Conflict Resolution Terminal" were once authorized by the film party to be sold online. However, this action was terminated early because netizens questioned that "the film party is greedy for money."
  • In the film, Wu Sang sang "Subaru ~ す ば る" sung by Japanese singer Tanimura Shinji in 1980. The Japanese pronunciation is "Subaru", and the car Wu Sang drives in Hokkaido in the film is also Subaru (ie Subaru ).
  • When editing, the director made a lot of cuts and compressions on the part of the marriage   .
  • Gong Xinliang originally played the role of a stock speculator who had a blind date with Ge You in the film, but Xiaogang Feng felt that she was suitable for playing the female secretary MiuMiu   .
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