Shanghai Express movie plot

2022-07-10 23:15
On the express train from Beijing to Shanghai, the background is the period of the Chinese Civil War. Nicknamed "Shanghai Lily", she works as a Camellia woman. She meets her old lover, a British officer, on a train, which sparks some stories. The British officer she had always been obsessed with, she showed affection and teasing in every possible way, but he was full of jealousy and hatred and refused to regain his old love. When he was stopped by the warlord halfway through the inspection, in order to prevent the warlord from doing anything to her, he beat people; in order to save him, she agreed to commit himself to the warlord. On the way to Shanghai, life and love are a severe test. 
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Shanghai Express quotes

  • Mrs. Haggerty: I've never been so shocked in my life. I suppose the Chinese girl deserves all she's getting, but as for the other lady... Well, I'm not going to say anything. Of all the brazen creatures, playing the gramophone. Why, she's the most terrible woman I've ever met. I don't see how she can look any of us in the eye. Going off with the late Mr. Chang after the way he treated us. Bad enough she tried it before he held up the train, but after the way he tortured poor Mr. Baum...

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: Look here, Mrs. Haggerty, I think you're doing the woman an injustice. I don't know what caused her to behave that way, but I'm sure there's a whole lot more behind this than appears on the surface.

    Captain Donald 'Doc' Harvey: Mr. Carmichael, when I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance yesterday, you volunteered an amazingly correct diagnosis of Shanghai Lily, and I see no reason for you to have changed it.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: Look here, Captain Harvey, I happen to know that she prayed all night for your safety.

    Captain Donald 'Doc' Harvey: I'd give anything in the world to believe the way you do, but I heard from her own lips she was leaving with Chang.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: That's rubbish!

    Captain Donald 'Doc' Harvey: I wish it were.

    Sam Salt: Defending that dame. I'm pretty liberal on the subject of betting, but I wouldn't back his viewpoint for all the rice in China.

    Mrs. Haggerty: Neither would I.

  • Reverend Mr. Carmichael: I'd like to talk to you alone.

    Shanghai Lily: I don't wish to talk to anybody.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: I'm sorry to have to insist, but I must talk to you.

    Shanghai Lily: If you're thinking of reforming me, you might as well save yourself the trouble.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: I'm not trying to reform you. I'm not trying to reform anybody right now. All I want is to settle something that's been puzzling me all day. Why did you decide to leave with that barbarian who was killed by her this morning?

    [Hui Fei and Carmichael exchange glances as she leaves the compartment]

    Shanghai Lily: What makes you want to know? Curiosity?

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: You prayed last night, probably for the first time in years. This morning, you were to shamelessly leave with Chang. There's something wrong there. You can't tell me that a human being can do two things like that within six hours.

    Shanghai Lily: Although it's nobody's affair but mine, I might tell you if you promise not to repeat it.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: Of course I won't repeat it. I came in here to find out for myself. I'm not interested in the others.

    Shanghai Lily: He was going to deprive Captain Harvey of his eyesight. I had no other choice.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: Does Captain Harvey know that?

    Shanghai Lily: Does he act as if he did?

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: He certainly does not. Despite the fact that I gave you my word not to tell anyone, I'm going to tell him this.

    Shanghai Lily: You're not going to do anything of the kind. Mr. Carmichael, it may seem odd for me to use your language, but it's purely a question of faith. You see, once upon a time we loved each other. We parted, and I threw my life away because I didn't care to bargain for love with words. I haven't changed since them, and neither has he.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: You're still in love with him, aren't you?

    Shanghai Lily: Yes.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: Is he still in love with you?

    Shanghai Lily: I doubt it.

    Reverend Mr. Carmichael: You're right. Love without faith, like religion without faith, doesn't amount to very much. I don't suppose I can help you.

    Shanghai Lily: No.

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