Shanghai Express movie plot

2022-07-10 23:15
On the express train from Beijing to Shanghai, the background is the period of the Chinese Civil War. Nicknamed "Shanghai Lily", she works as a Camellia woman. She meets her old lover, a British officer, on a train, which sparks some stories. The British officer she had always been obsessed with, she showed affection and teasing in every possible way, but he was full of jealousy and hatred and refused to regain his old love. When he was stopped by the warlord halfway through the inspection, in order to prevent the warlord from doing anything to her, he beat people; in order to save him, she agreed to commit himself to the warlord. On the way to Shanghai, life and love are a severe test. 
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Shanghai Express quotes

  • Shanghai Lily: I don't know if I ought to be grateful to you or not.

    Hui Fei: It's of no consequence. I didn't do it for you. Death canceled his debt to me.

  • Sam Salt: How's the invalid coming along, Doctor?

    Captain Donald 'Doc' Harvey: He'll be all right in a few weeks, poor fellow.

    Sam Salt: That's more than I can say for myself. I bet if you opened me up right now, you'd find my nerves tangled up like a mess of Chinese noodles.

    Mrs. Haggerty: I guess this journey hasn't done any of us any good.

    Sam Salt: All except that Chinese dame. She's twenty thousand to the good for settling the hash of the honorable Mr. Chang. I wish I'd taken a crack at him first. How about you, Major?

    Major Lenard: Je regarde beaucoup, monsieur, mais je ne comprends pas seulement qu'est-ce que vous dites.

    Sam Salt: [to Mrs. Haggerty] I'm telling you, it's a lucky thing for him that you're here.

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