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2022-02-07 14:57
The biggest attraction of "Ichi" is not only the high-strength martial arts that beat the heroes. Sadness, despair, warmth and love are the focus of the film. The film depicts the process of a mind understanding the true meaning of strength. Not only does the film have breathless fights, but it also has a narrative that resonates emotionally with modern people   .
Compared with dozens of "Zatoichi" films shot in Japan in the past, "Ichi" replaced the protagonist with a woman for the first time, which will undoubtedly bring a huge impact to the audience who are familiar with the series. The past "Zatoichi" movies are full of comedy tones, but the overall style of "Ichi" is extremely cold, and the recurring snow scenes appear extremely cold.
Although the heroine Ayase Haruka is good-looking and her acting skills are acceptable, her role in this work requires acting skills that are clearly beyond her ability. Therefore, what the audience sees most of the time is just a vase that can be hit, and cannot touch the heart of the character   .
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  • Dejah 2022-02-07 14:57:20

    2009.5.10 I watched it in my bedroom, it's a very awesome movie, the female pig's feet look a bit like a big S, because this movie doesn't despise the big S so much...

  • Shirley 2022-02-07 14:57:20

    Magic Lamp Image: Ayase はるか The ancient costume is more beautiful than the modern costume; the current Japanese shadow is obviously more procrastinated than the Japanese drama

Ichi quotes

  • Ichi: I do not know what I cut because I am blind.

  • Ichi: Toma: So, you like children? Ichi: I hate them. They're noisy and tough to take care of. But they're more trustworthy than adults.

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