Fahrenheit 11/9 movie plot

2022-04-05 08:01
The documentary reflects some aspects of the U.S. government, trying to explain why the U.S. is a target of hate and terror, why the U.S. is always so easy to get involved in wars, and points out that post-9/11 oil greed is insane. The War on Terrorism plays an absolute role, and also analyzes how the alleged relationship between the Bush family and bin Laden led them to become inexorable enemies.
The film not only directly points to the social and economic ties between the Bush family and the wealthy Saudis, including the royal family, the Saudi ambassador to Washington and the bin Laden family, but also shows the real conditions of the US military and ordinary Iraqi people in the Iraq War. , which pays particular attention to ordinary people associated with the war, like Iraqis who were hurt in the war; ordinary people like Laila Lipscomb who lost their son in the war who changed their minds about the Iraq War launched by the Bush administration Mothers; like American soldiers who entered ordinary homes in Baghdad to arrest innocent citizens; like American soldiers who hated the Iraq war; like the impoverished African-American blacks in Michigan who became the source of American recruits   .
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  • Horace 2022-04-05 08:01:01

    This time it might be another prize. Not only did he scold Trump and the Republican Party, he also criticized the Democratic establishment for repeatedly giving in and compromising. The biggest shock was that in the end, teachers went on strike to fight for their rights, and students went on strike to demand gun control (ignoring the principal's greatness). This kind of society gives people hope, it's not me who looks at others' suffering and says that it's okay not me.

  • Kadin 2022-04-05 09:01:08

    Michael Moore's report on people's livelihood and political demands, focusing on the difficult life of ordinary people and the harsh political environment, the era of Trump has become a retrogressive era of democracy, and the United States has become a "great again" in Michael Moore's documentary ”, only the smoke and sighs remain.

Fahrenheit 11/9 quotes

  • Himself - Nuremberg Prosecutor: Taking babies away from their mother, and-and locking up one or the other and separating them because they did no harm to anybody. They just didn't comply with the stupid regulations. Well, that's a crime against humanity, in my judgment. The Statue of Liberty stands there. You know, "Send me your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. I lift my... my lamp beside the golden door!" Where? Where? Uh, we don't see that in this country, and it pains me. And, uh... that's the world in which we live. And, uh... we've gotta change it or perish.

  • Herself - Professor of History, NYU: He knows what he's doing. It's the same thing that authoritarians and fascists have done in the past. You need to make sure that when charges of corruption or other wrongdoing come forth, nobody believes the judiciary.

    Donald Trump: [archive footage] We're the only country, essentially, that has judges.

    Herself - Professor of History, NYU: The intelligence services.

    Donald Trump: [archive footage] The corruption at the top of the FBI.

    Herself - Professor of History, NYU: The press.

    Donald Trump: [archive footage] Fake news.

    Herself - Professor of History, NYU: You need to make sure that they are discredited.

    Donald Trump: [archive footage] What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening.

    Herself - Professor of History, NYU: People believe him, and this is, of course, puzzling to many of his critics, but if the strongman, the authoritarian, has done his job, he has bonded people to him a long time ago. Trump was doing that with his rallies and his loyalty oaths.

    Donald Trump: [archive footage] Should we do the pledge? Raise your right hand. Do you pledge that on Tuesday, you will go...

    [footage of another rally]

    Donald Trump: ...to vote for Donald Trump tomorrow? Raise that hand.

    [his supporters cheer]

    Donald Trump: I love you! I love you!

    Herself - Professor of History, NYU: People don't care if he's lying. They believe in him, and that's more important than believing the truth.

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