Shanghai Express

Shanghai Express

  • Director: Josef von Sternberg
  • Writer: Jules Furthman,Harry Hervey
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, French, Cantonese, German
  • Release date: February 12, 1932
  • Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.37 : 1
  • Also known as: Shanghai-Express
  • "Shanghai Express" (Shanghai Express) is a romantic film directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Marlene Dietrich , Clive Brook , Anna May Wong and others. The film was released in the United States on February 2, 1932. 
    The film tells a story that takes place on a train that travels across the land of China, in the context of the Chinese Civil War. Dietrich plays a woman nicknamed "Shanghai Lily" who meets her old lover on the train, which sparks some stories. 
    "Shanghai Express" won awards such as Best Picture (Nominated) at the 5th Academy Awards in 1932.


    • Release date February 12, 1932
    • Filming locations Santa Fe Railroad Depot - 1170 W. 3rd Street, San Bernardino, California, USA
    • Production companies Paramount Pictures

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    Gross US & Canada


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    • By Fidel 2022-07-10 23:30:32

      About accents


      Before the 1980s, there were basically two ways for foreign companies to shoot films related to Chinese themes in Hollywood studios or in the colonies of capitalist allies at that time (for example, a 007 film related to China was shot in Hong Kong, the Commonwealth of Nations). , and since the Opium War, residents in the Pearl River Delta have moved to Hong Kong one after another, and most of them are near Foshan and Panyu. Those people in the play speak the Shunde accent,...

    • By Providenci 2022-07-10 23:13:19

      ruthless bitch

            The prostitute Shanghai Lily in the film does not hesitate to dedicate herself to a small warlord for her old lover. In reality, countless women dedicate themselves to many men for their men. Don't you mean bitches are ruthless?
           Mr. Liang Yuchun said: The most lovely women are the infatuated people in this group of people, such as salesmen, actresses, and singers; Yes, but if they really fall in love with a lover, their love is ten thousand times stronger than that of...

    • By Lowell 2022-07-10 23:12:28

      On Anna May Wong and Marlene Dietrich in "Shanghai Express"

      Out of interest in Anna May Huang, I chose one night to finish watching "Shanghai Express" without fast-forwarding. Filmed in 1931, the film stars Clive Brook and Marlene Dietrich as the film's male and female protagonists, with Anna May Wong as the film's third character. The background of the story is China during the civil war in 1931. In the film, photographer Huang Zongzhan used many of the shots he shot during his trip to China in 1928 to make the film more...

    • By Jean 2022-07-10 22:11:41

      There is really no good or bad in every movie

      If I had watched this film before translating Jack Smith, I would have thought it was very ordinary, just an ordinary Hollywood film of the 1930s, but what Jack Smith saw was different from what I saw. He admired this director because this director The storyline can be sacrificed to achieve the beauty of a woman. In his films, women are jewels, shining with the charm of other people. The whole film is used to show the beauty of women. The price is very high. In that era, it was true It's a...

    • By Jerrell 2022-07-10 16:58:24

      looks beautiful

      Marlene Dietrich under Steinberg's lens is the most beautiful. There is no lack of sexy and glamorous in classics. Even at the moment when love blooms, she is proud. This film seems to have become Dietrich's personal show, with different costumes and different accessories, taking turns in battle, so mysterious, arrogant, wronged, sad, playful, stubborn... It
      seems that Dietrich is placed in a photographic scene . The shed changes the scene, the shape, and the character, but in the end,...

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    • By Hunter 2023-01-28 00:35:19

      China in the eyes of Hollywood is so bizarre that it cannot be seen...

    • By Robb 2023-01-25 00:27:12

      Dietrich Anna May is extremely beautiful, and her photography is often brilliant, but the rest is lackluster. The blame is that China is only used as an exotic prop, and the drama of the story is really not strong...

    • By Kylee 2023-01-20 00:10:29

      [China in the Eyes of Outsiders] In the early 30s, the photography style of the 20s was maintained. The film used a lot of soft gray tones and moved the mirror slowly to create a charming image of Dietrich. The scene of the train leaving the station is quite exciting, and the relative delay in the introduction of some plots is inevitably boring. |The editing method of multiple exposures was continued in Venus in the same year, and was learned by Yuan Muzhi....

    • By Myrtis 2023-01-18 02:18:07

      It's the pinnacle, more beautiful than in "Blue...

    • By Gabe 2023-01-04 18:05:01

      It sucks, but Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong are so...

    Movie plot

    On the express train from Beijing to Shanghai, the background is the period of the Chinese Civil War. Nicknamed "Shanghai Lily", she works as a Camellia woman. She meets her old lover, a British officer, on a train, which sparks some stories. The British officer she had always been obsessed with, she showed affection and teasing in every possible way, but he was full of jealousy and hatred and refused to regain his old love. When he...
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    Movie quotes

    • Mr. Henry Chang: Have you any wealthy or influential friends?

      Shanghai Lily: No. I have no friends at all.

      Mr. Henry Chang: Why are you going to Shanghai?

      Shanghai Lily: I want to buy a new hat.

      Mr. Henry Chang: I warn you, this is a very serious matter. Where are you going to live in Shanghai?

      Shanghai Lily: Grand Hotel.

      Mr. Henry Chang: How can you afford to live at such an expensive hotel?

      [She shrugs]

      Mr. Henry Chang: How long were you in Peiping?

      Shanghai Lily: Eight weeks.

      Mr. Henry Chang: And before that?

      Shanghai Lily: In Shanghai.

      Mr. Henry Chang: How long were you there?

      Shanghai Lily: Just between trains. I make the trip quite often.

      Mr. Henry Chang: How long have you been in China?

      Shanghai Lily: Oh, about eight years.

      Mr. Henry Chang: Parents living?

      Shanghai Lily: They have forgotten me. It's just as well.

      Mr. Henry Chang: Of course, you're not married.

      Shanghai Lily: No. All I managed was to become engaged.

    • Mr. Henry Chang: I took the liberty of presuming that you'd join me for tea.

      Shanghai Lily: I hope you don't mind if I prefer to go back to the train.

      Mr. Henry Chang: About two days' journey from here into the interior, I have a palace waiting to be graced by your presence. Could I persuade you to accept my hospitality until such time as you should grow weary of me?

      Shanghai Lily: I'm weary of you now.

      Mr. Henry Chang: I had no reason to believe my invitation would give offense to Shanghai Lily.

      Shanghai Lily: Shanghai Lily has reformed.

      Mr. Henry Chang: You don't mean to say that the eloquence of Dr. Carmichael has worked this miracle? Or is Captain Harvey to be credited with this extraordinary change?

      Shanghai Lily: Maybe.

      Mr. Henry Chang: Come, don't be a fool. I'll make it worth your while.

      [He backs her against a door and puts a hand on her hip]

      Shanghai Lily: Don't touch me.

      Mr. Henry Chang: [Harvey enters] Captain Harvey, if I were you, I'd mind my own business.

      Captain Donald 'Doc' Harvey: Exactly what I intend to do.

      [He knocks Chang down]

      Mr. Henry Chang: You are very fortunate in having Captain Harvey for a protector, as I've promised to return him alive.

    • Shanghai Lily: [after Hui Fei is dragged away] Can't you do something about this?

      Reverend Mr. Carmichael: All I can do is to suggest that you get down on your knees and pray.

      Shanghai Lily: I think you're right, if God is still on speaking terms with me.

      Reverend Mr. Carmichael: God remains on speaking terms with everybody.