The Crowd evaluation action

2022-07-10 16:32
In the first half of the twentieth century, MGM was known for producing high-concept movies starring top stars, but in The Crowd, none of those elements were seen. Talented director Kim Vidor did not use the big-name actors with box-office appeal, but let his wife, Polderman, and a man from the crowd, James Mulvey, play the film's hero and heroine. Several other important characters in the film were also found in the same way. This makes the film seem so believable today. In the film, John and Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este look like any ordinary person, and they lead an ordinary life. They fell in love, quarreled and then reconciled. The scenes of the movie were all shot in New York, which looked very real. This film has a documentary style that is unique among MGM films   .
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The Crowd quotes

  • John: I've brought home the bacon, Mary! Five hundred bucks!

  • Junior: Why don't you never play with me any more? I like to play with you. Doesn't Momma like you? I like you. When I grow up I wanta be just like you.

    John: You still love me? You still believe in me, boy?

    Junior: Sure I do, Pop!

    John: We can do it, boy! We'll show them!

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