The Crowd movie plot

2022-07-10 19:49
Born on July 4, 1900, John Sims had a future full of unlimited potential. When John was twelve years old, when he was sitting with his friends and discussing what to do when he grew up, little John said that he must be a big man in the future. On that day, his father died. A few years later, little John had grown into a twenty-one-year-old man, and he left the small town where he had lived for many years to come to New York with great ambition. Soon he had a formal job where he worked during the day and studied at night.
One night, his colleagues and friends invited John to hang out with him and Jane. John met Jane's friend Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este . They spent a happy evening together on Cory Island, and on the return subway, John proposed to Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este. Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este agreed. A few years later, John and Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este became parents of two children. Just when everything seemed so smooth sailing, cracks began to appear in their marriage. Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d'Este is tired of his promises that can never be kept. After John lost his job, they lost another child. This sudden misfortune pushed John to the brink of collapse   .
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The Crowd quotes

  • Bert: [Advice to Johnny as he leaves on his honeymoon] Don't forget to pull down the shades.

  • Train Porter: Did I hear you-all speakin' 'bout havin' yo' bed made up?

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