Flawless movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
In the 1960s, in London, England, Laura Dern Quinn, who worked for the London Diamond Company, was beautiful, dignified, intelligent and conscientious in her work. But at a time when women's status has not been respected enough, especially at this male-dominated diamond company, Laura Dern's efforts have never been well-rewarded, and opportunities for promotion have passed her time and time again. One day, Laura Dern was invited to watch a movie with the company's The Cleaner , the soon-to-retire Hubbs, but learned that she was about to be fired from the company, and her career fell into a dead end. Hubbs, who has worked in the diamond company for more than ten years, is well versed in the internal management of the company. He took aim at the vault of the diamond company and planned to make a fortune before retirement. Laura Dern , who has been unhappy for many years, is this time Great for action. 
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  • Mona 2022-03-30 09:01:11

    Years of revenge stories Stealing diamonds in an era when security measures were backward turned out to be so simple

  • Elinor 2022-03-30 09:01:11

    The last highlight is enough to prove that this woman is still the most dazzling gem even in her old age.

Flawless quotes

  • Laura Quinn: How'd you do it, Mr. Hobbs? How did you get them out?

    Mr. Hobbs: [ignoring her question] Do you know what the hardest substance in the world is?

    Laura Quinn: [ignoring his reply] And who's really behind this?

    Mr. Hobbs: A Diamond. You rub it with a cloth, it lets off a charge. You put in water, it comes up dry. It's only enemy is another diamond.

  • Laura Quinn: Why do you want to steal from the company?

    Mr. Hobbs: Who said I did?

    Laura Quinn: Hypothetically.

    Mr. Hobbs: War and plunder, the two most reliable sources of income.

    Laura Quinn: I didn't realize! Are we at war?

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