Zero for Conduct behind the scenes gags

2022-07-04 20:30
This film is the most classic work of children's theme, which directly influenced Truffaut's "The Four Hundred Blows" and Lindsay Anderson's "What If". The film examines a "rebellion" incident of children in a boarding school from the perspective of children. Actors are basically non-professional, so some performances are uneven. This is Vigo's third work, showing genius in composition, editing, and lighting. The scene with feathers falling like rain has become a classic. It was banned at the first release for its anti-social awareness and was not approved until 1945.
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Zero for Conduct quotes

  • Tabard: War is declared! Down with monitors and punishment! Long live rebellion! Liberty or death! Hoist our flag on the school roof! Stand firm with us tomorrow! We'll bombard them with rotten old books, dirty tin cans, smelly boots and all the ammo piled up in the attic! We'll fight those old goats on commemoration day! Onward!

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