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2022-04-03 08:01
"Denial" is captivating, a true courtroom film that touches on the reverberating pain of the Holocaust.
"Denial" is a good show both inside and outside the courtroom, and it's an exceptionally rich fertile ground. Unfortunately, despite the cast's valuable efforts, the movie seems to be a bit of a dud.
The film is too talkative and a bit artificial, and those words aren't usually good words for compliments, but here they are.
The film misses one vital thing that should be at the heart of the courtroom drama, how Lipstadt's lawyers determine their strategy, and the audience should be immersed in it.
A moving, morally charged film that presents a noble intellectual contest with a thought-provoking plot and a stirring sensational effect   .
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Denial quotes

  • Deborah Lipstadt: Now, some people are saying that the result of this trial will threaten free speech. I don't accept that. I'm not attacking free speech. On the contrary, I've been defending it against someone who wanted to abuse it. Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want. What you can't do is lie and expect not to be held accountable for it. Not all opinions are equal. And some things happened, just like we say they do. Slavery happened, the Black Death happened. The Earth is round, the ice caps are melting, and Elvis is not alive.

  • Richard Rampton: They're a strange thing consciences. Trouble is, what feels best isn't necessarily what works best.

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