Day of the Falcon movie plot

2022-04-15 08:01
Odaand his brother were fostered under Nasabi's door since childhood. Nasabibecame the leader of the wealthy party after an accidental discovery of oil digging, and gradually became a leader of foreign forces. Collusion, for the sake of "Black Gold", put the people in dire straits, and in order to expand his power, he married Oda and Princess Allah. Oda's father led the Arab civilians, determined to declare war on Nasabi, and encouraged his own son Oda to join, but at this moment Nasabi already possessed high-end military weapons, and the power disparity between the two sides was huge. Oda, who is not belligerent by nature, struggles between two "fathers" and two ethnic groups, and has to make a cruel choice to fight the "invincible" adoptive father for the survival and peace of the people. The most despised nerd Prince Oda led the people to success step by step, united one chief after another, and finally defeated Nasabi   .
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  • Lola 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    It was boring at the beginning, but gradually became exciting afterward, especially after entering the land of Allah, it was very exciting to watch, often described as such, an epic book, a rare Arabic theme. Father Emma is a wise leader. Adhering to principles is touching, but he does suffer too much. Interests and beliefs are always in conflict. Modern people are smart and can't afford hardships. Not all "bright masters" like Aoda have been proved lost in our current society.

  • Julie 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    "Men and women are like fish and water. Together they are the world, and apart they are nothing." A few common senses of the Arabs: learn to make the best use of everything in the desert, and there is fresh water in the sea, and you have to wait 36 ​​hours Bury the body again. The journey through Allah in the second half of the film is like a modern version of Exodus. The Long March in the Arab world relies entirely on manpower to learn from the West. Breathtaking epic.

Day of the Falcon quotes

  • Prince Auda: God hates the things we do in His name. He hates that.

  • [first lines]

    Emir Nesib: Here are my terms: All I want is your friendship.

    Sultan Amar: And my sons.

    Emir Nesib: Insurance for both of us. As long as they are uder my roof...

    Sultan Amar: I cannot make war with you.

    Emir Nesib: But the sword cuts both ways. We can't make war with you, either. Your sons will be our bond for peace.

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