The Invisible Woman evaluation action

2022-04-15 08:01
"The Invisible Woman" is an outstanding film about love, longing, and regret, and possibly the first film about Charles Dickens' private life, with as much drama as Dickens' work   .
The appeal of The Invisible Woman's story has a lot to do with how it's told. There is little direct or explicit expression in Ralph Fiennes' handling, and the film strips away the most utilitarian dialogue in it, leaving only emotional hints and hints, fleshed out by the actors. Especially early in the story, the lover's attraction is conveyed through only the most subtle expressions and gestures. This approach immerses the audience in an enjoyable game that confuses the characters' purpose and motivation. The performances of the actors are excellent, especially the lead characters. With a beard on his face, Fiennes created a vivid portrait of Dickens, encompassing his vanity and selfishness, as well as his generosity and desire for life. As Nelly, Jones conveys the young woman's mixture of awe, intoxication and anxiety. In a stellar supporting role, Scanlan deserves special praise for displaying the dignity and grace of Catherine Dickens in a heartbreaking setting   .
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  • Ludie 2022-04-15 08:01:01

    The layout and hardware are good, especially the costumes for the female characters. It's just the story told by the movie, even if it happened to Dickens, it can't cover up an eternal theme: men are distracted and women are dull. In the eyes of men, spiritual communication in beauty should also be based on the beauty of the other party; in the eyes of women, spiritual partners in Miao are also based on the other party's success and fame.

  • Darion 2022-04-20 09:02:58

    Approved with a stern moral coat, it is still a high-sounding reason for derailment. Besides helping Ms. Jones to get out of B, is this movie worth anything?

The Invisible Woman quotes

  • [last lines]

    Actress: This is a tale of woe. This is a tale of sorrow. A love denied, a love restored, to live beyond tomorrow. Lest we think silence is the place to hide a heavy heart, remember, to love and be loved is life itself without which we are nought.

  • Charles Dickens: When the day is creeping up on us and we must put in order the chaos of the night.

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